Work Chic: Prada "Basic" Black Pumps

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Prada black leather Basic pumps
Prada "Basic" Pumps

$392.00 (was $490-- save 20%!)
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I've always had a hard time splurging on shoes. Before you start laughing, I mean really splurge. Sure, I'll throw down a couple hundred for a good pair of shoes, but I rarely fork over the big bucks for an item that will spend the majority of its time scraping up against sidewalks. But, I fully believe that every woman should own a fabulous pair of basic black pumps.

Basic black pumps will see you through from work to cocktails to a black tie affair. They match with a majority of a modern girl's wardrobe and they never, ever go out of style. Properly taken care of, a high end pair of pumps will last decades. In fact, I still wear some of my grandmother's vintage pumps. So, by employing the fashionista's favorite splurge justification device-- the cost per wear calculation-- a pair of $500 classic black pumps practically pay for themselves.

Need a little direction to a pair of splurge worthy classic black pumps for work and play? Check out these Prada "Basic" Pumps. The slightly rounded pointed toe, classically cut smooth leather upper and 4" heel work together to create a timeless air about these pumps. The barely perceptible diamond-shaped stiletto heel adds a fashionista flair that will make you smile every time you think about it. And, at 20% off, these amazing pumps are also an excellent value. I rest my case.

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