FOUND: Jessica Szohr's Gossip Girl Party Dress

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do you remember the good old days? Back when the Gossip Girl character Vanessa, played by Jessica Szohr, actually wore fashions that were befitting a struggling artist type from Brooklyn. Evidently, those days are no more. In the recent episode "Chuck in Real Life"-- the one where Blair enlists Chuck to help ruin Vanessa-- the clothing stretched a bit beyond Vanessa's standard H&M and Urban Outfitters fare.

Ok, I admit that this is the first thing I've seen Vanessa wear that I would actually consider wearing myself. This fact leads me to believe that this is probably the first clothing item from a higher-end label that Vanessa has worn. It's not that I'm a total clothing snob, but the costume designers have gone out of their way to make Vanessa look poor and, um, eclectic. This super cute dress is a welcome, albeit out of character, change.

Eskell Dahlia Dress
Eskell Dahlia Dress

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Want to snag Jessica Szohr's Gossip Girl party style for yourself? She was wearing the Dahlia Dress from Eskell [right]. Priced at $420, this dress would be small potatoes to the Blairs and Serenas of the Gossip Girl world, but it seems like a bit of a stretch for our girl Vanessa.

This 100% silk strapless dress with chiffon overlay is feminine and soft, but still modern and on-trend. I can picture this dress for a summer outdoor wedding, but given that winter is upon us, that's not particularly helpful. Styled with darker accessories and paired with a tuxedo-style blazer, a fearless fashionista could easily pull this off for a cold weather cocktail party.

Click on the photo at right to link directly to where you can purchase the Eskell Dahlia Dress, as worn by Jessica Szohr as Vanessa on Gossip Girl.