Video: Hints from The Lingerie Handbook

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Can lingerie really change your life? Rebecca Apsan, owner of the famous New York City lingerie boutique La Petite Coquette, sure thinks so. She's taken the knowledge amassed from 30+ years in the lingerie business and created The Lingerie Handbook, a comprehensive guide to lingerie for every woman. From Amazon:

"For a world where 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, The Lingerie Handbook is a complete tops-to-bottoms guide to bras, panties, slips, sleepwear shapewear, stockings, teddies, camisoles, and accessories. There’s the how-to on proper fit, including before-and-after photographs. Guides to matching the right underwear to different outfits. (T-shirts, jersey dresses, white pants, strapless gowns? No problem!) Straightforward advice on shopping, cleaning, organizing, and storing. But inspiration, too: how to cure body-image hang-ups by finding the right undergarments. And romance: how to find your own inner flirt, develop a unique style, and, when the occasion is right, how to dress to undress."

In this video, Rebecca Apsan gives some great lingerie-buying hints straight from the pages of The Lingerie Handbook, including what to look for in perfect fitting bra and how to eliminate the dreaded VPL.

Now that you've seen the video, here's where you can purchase Rebecca Apsan's The Lingerie Handbook for yourself:

* The Lingerie Handbook - $9.20 (was $13.95-- save 34%!)