Packing for Travel: Multi-Tasking Fashions

Thursday, March 19, 2009

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Women: Knit legging - Black
Banana Republic Knit Legging

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As I mentioned in my previous post, over packing is the number one mistake when traveling. It is too easy to throw a bunch of things in a suitcase and feel like you have gotten the job done... until you reach your destination and realize you have nothing substantial to wear. It happens to me all the time. Just last week I went on a business trip to St. Louis and all I concentrated on packing was accessories-- it was crazy! I had two pencil skirts and a bunch of useless tops that I had to wear and get by with for 5 days! It was awful.

Meanwhile, I have researched and promised myself that the next trip-- next week-- will go much smoother. So, the obvious helpful hint is to make a list, but it is also important to pack clothes that are appropriate, yet low maintenance. Wrinkle resistant clothes are low maintenance because they avoid having to iron on a business trip, which can be a drag, especially if you are on a constant time crunch.

Style and co. Boyfriend Cardigan
Style&Co. Boyfriend Cardigan

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Clothing that can be mixed and matched is the best way to pack when traveling for any occasion. Darker colors, such as navy and black, and earth tones are great because they go with one another, creating multiple outfits from a few pieces of clothing. This keeps your luggage light and simple.

First and foremost, it’s smart and beneficial to travel with a pair of thick leggings. It’s great because they can be worn underneath a large sweater or cardigan while on the plane to keep you warm and comfy. They always come in handy when traveling, especially if you want to wear them out underneath a skirt or while working out. Leggings, like these Banana Republic Knit Leggings, are very versatile and useful-- that’s why they are perfect for travel.

Calvin Klein Split Neck Ponte Knit Dress
Calvin Klein Knit Dress

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Secondly, I always like to have a loose fitting classy cardigan to wear with my pencil skirts or leggings, or just over a nice business appropriate dress. A plain loose fitting cardigan in a dark color is helpful because you will end up wearing it a couple of times with different things. Plus, it creates a polished sophisticated look, while keeping you warm. I spotted a nice black v-neck boyfriend cardigan from Macys. This Style&co. Boyfriend Cardigan is made from a lightweight material, with front buttons and patch pockets. The buttons and pockets add some style, without taking away from its versatility. It will hardly take up space in your luggage, which is great.

Lastly, I found an adorable, wrinkle resistant Split Neck Ponte Knit Dress from Calvin Klein. I love it because its business appropriate and won’t need to be ironed. The dress comes in black and white. I obviously recommend the black for travel, but the white is very nice! The dress has some pleating in the front, giving it a fashion flare. According to the site, the dress tends to run larger around the bust, so watch out for that and order the appropriate size.
Kim Moshtaghi
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