Review: Bodyography Cosmetics

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bodyography Natural Finish Face Bronzer
Bodyography Face Bronzer

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I'm a sucker for new products and have a permanent soft spot in my heart for San Diego, where I went to grad school and lived for almost seven years. The two come together in Bodyography, a San Diego-based cosmetics company that specializes in cosmetics for makeup professionals and salons, so I was excited to turn the spotlight on the label. To celebrate Bodyography's latest collection-- Coast to Coast by Bodyography-- our friends at Bodyography offered to let us try out a couple of their recently released products (plus an old favorite).

Natural Finish Face Bronzer and Catalina Eye Pencil are both part of the new Coast to Coast Collection. The Eye Pencil is designed to be long-wearing and water resistant, yet safe for sensitive eyes. Natural Finish Face Bronzer is mineral-based, designed to work with virtually all skin tones, and contains anti-aging ingredients. Bodyography Lipgloss is aloe vera based and comes in a lightweight formula.

It all sounds great, but do the products live up to the pitch perfect ad copy? We turned the products loose with the Stiletto Jungle team. Here's what they had to say:

Jules Newmark
Ladies, prepare to be a bronze goddess coming soon. Bodyography's Coast to Coast Natural Finish Face Bronzer comes in a nice-sized tube and is a creamy type texture. This product can be used to build a base tan over a few days rather than create a smeared tan that looks too fake. The bronzing formula was made with minerals to match every face as well as some anti-aging components. All this for just $27!!
--Jules Newmark, San Diego, CA

Tina B.
I was excited to try an eye pencil, I have not used one in years. I am a big fan of powder for my eyeliner because I can get a thin line around my eyes. So, when the Bodyography Coast to Coast Eye Pencil in Catalina arrived I tried it immediately. It took a few tries to get the results I wanted and even then I wasn't completely happy. I found that I used the pencil when I wanted a thicker more smudged look. It is a great pencil and actually goes on without poking your eye out, but it isn't very precise. You have to want a thicker line and a little less perfect. It is a great look, just not one I would wear every day.
--Tina B., San Diego, CA

Michelle S.
I just tried the new Bodygraphy Lipgloss in Clear-- no glitter-- and it was awesome! I loved it. I just spent three days in the sun and just used the Bodyography Lipgloss. My lips came home feeling great... the rest of of me a different story. I felt a little over exposed, but my lips were still feeling great and kissable. Really, you have got to try it.
--Michelle S., Huntington Beach, CA