New & Hot: Candela Mr. Bill Perforated Boots

Friday, September 04, 2009

Candela Mr. Bill Perforated Boots
Candela Mr. Bill Boots

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I'm not usually one for flat shoes. I say this as my calves slowly recuperate from spending all of yesterday in 6" purple croc platform pumps. Seriously, I'm a tall shoe die hard. But, I make exceptions for chic flat boots. Chilly days just go better with a fashion-forward flat boot than its spiky-heeled counterpart.

That being said, my taste in flat boots isn't all that wide-ranging. I tend to oscillate between classic black leather riding boots and some kind of faux fur covered apres-ski style. But, I've run across a new kind of flat boot that is turning my head. The brand new Mr. Bill Perforated Boot from Candela is sleek and classic in shape, but the perforated nubuck material makes this boot stand out.

This gorgeous boot is ideal for pulling on over your favorite skinny jeans, and pairing with everything from layered cashmere to a slouchy hoodie. It's available in Grey (shown here), Navy and Black-- but, I have to admit, that the Navy and Black versions aren't quite as special as the Grey version. I think the darker colors obscure the texture created by the perforations, and that detail is what makes these boots look so unique. So, bottom line, I'd go with Grey!

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