FOUND: Halle Berry's Sleek Messenger Bag

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halle Berry carrying Gustto handbag
Gustto Milano Messenger Bag

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I often struggle with when, exactly, it became so important to carry my entire life along with me everywhere I go. In college, it was normal to head out the door with nothing more than my driver's license, cash and some lip gloss in my pocket. By grad school I had moved on to the mini-purse-- just enough room to also bring along my cell phone and some mints. Now I can't leave the house without a suitcase-sized handbag housing enough stuff to handle any beauty disaster or wardrobe malfunction that could possibly come my way. This level of schleping requires a serious handbag, with serious style to make up for the huge size.

Luckily, I'm not the only one with an oversized handbag issue. In fact, it seems like the oversized handbag has become the norm. Multi-tasking ladies are now living out of their handbags, so I suggest turning to some truly talented multi-taskers to find handbags that really can do it all. Need a handbag that can hold beauty tools, baby toys and scripts... all while keeping you off the worst dressed list? Look no further than your closest Hollywood mom. Just check out this new handbag on the arm of Halle Berry. It's suitably large, but still sleek, and has a handy strap that can be worn cross-body-- an essential feature for major multi-tasking.

Want to steal Halle Berry's sleek messenger bag style for yourself? She's carrying the Gustto Milano Messenger Bag in Charcoal. Also available in Burgundy and Blue, this waxed leather bag has a great combination of sleek style and real functionality.

Click on the photo to see a close up picture and link directly to where you can purchase the Gustto Milano Messenger Bag, as seen on Halle Berry, online.