New & Hot: Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Perfume

Monday, January 18, 2010

Taylor Momsen at Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Launch
The newest fragrance from the ever-expanding label Victoria's Secret has a notable distinction-- it's the first VS product launch to be fronted by a celebrity rather than a Victoria's Secret model. But, after reading more about the new Victoria's Secret Love Rocks fragrance I can see why your standard, gorgeous lingerie model wasn't quite the right look.

Love Rocks is presented with the tag line "Wild at heart. A punk princess. Rock chic meets tres chic." Yeah, there's not a single curvy VS model who could pull that one off with a straight face. Does this mean that Victoria's Secret is going to move in a whole new direction, abandoning the disturbingly perfect lingerie model in favor of a look with a little more attitude? Doubtful. But, it is kind of fun to see Victoria's Secret make a little effort to reach out to those of us who don't seek to embody the bombshell aesthetic. Love Rocks launched this past week with teenage rebelette Taylor Momsen, best known as social climbing Little J in Gossip Girl, as the spokesperson. This photo is from the NYC launch party.

Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Perfume
Love Rocks Eau de Parfum

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Now, down to the details that matter-- is this fragrance any good? I haven't had the chance to test drive Love Rocks myself, so I read up on the components of the scent. Love Rocks is classified as a Fruity Floral. The top notes include bergamot, peony and raspberry sorbet. Middle notes are comprised of sandalwood flower, jasmine, peach nectar, plum and stephanotis, with a dry-down base of golden amber, violet, cashmere musk and vanilla. Altogether, it doesn't sound like a bad blend. I'm fond of the way bergamot and amber play together-- definitely a less girly-girl scent combo-- and there isn't an overly-floral rose or lily in sight.

Love Rocks is available in store and online. The $39.00 Eau de Parfum comes in a stylish red lacquer bottle with tattoo-inspired graphics and a signature VS atomizer adorned with a removable black faux leather rosette. Love Rocks is also available in a scented mist for $22.00. Click through the photo above right to link directly where you can learn more about Love Rocks, or purchase directly, at Victoria's Secret online.

Taylor Momsen photo courtesy Victoria's Secret