New & Hot: Kardashians by bebe

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kardashians by bebe Leather Pencil Skirt
Kardashians Leather Pencil Skirt

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After much tabloid-style press coverage, the new Kardashians by bebe line is finally available for purchase online and in store. The mini-collection, which features thirteen pieces, offers a limited range of primarily going-out attire. The prices range from $59 for a Sexy Zip Top to $159 for an Asymmetric Blazer.

I won't lie-- much of the line scares me. The pieces feel like they are trying too hard to be cutting edge and the result is a line that actually looks dated. There's nothing worse that being two seasons behind on that too-easy-to-place look. There are pieces in this line that practically scream cheap knock-off of Balmain Fall 2009. Enough said.

But, despite my general aversion to the line, I did find a couple of pieces that show promise when separated from the pack. The Kardashians by bebe Leather Pencil Skirt at $149 is well-priced for a genuine leather skirt and has a higher-waisted silhouette that doesn't feel too trendy. The Silk Jumpsuit is a classier wardrobe piece, but the 32 inch inseam makes it unsuitable for us taller fashionistas. If a 32 inch inseam will still allow you to wear a high heel without looking like you are waiting for a flood, I'd give this jumpsuit a try.

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