Summer Fashion: Stylish Shorts for All

Monday, May 10, 2010

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Walter Sandwashed Short
Walter Sandwashed Short

Available at:

This is a very nice time of year because I always take a weekend to re-organize my closet and put away my winter clothes to make my summer clothes more accessible. Although it takes a while to organize everything and decide what to box up for the next few months, it is a big stress reliever. With that said, one thing I’m definitely keeping accessible is my shorts. It has taken me a long time to gather a little short collection because I am so picky with them.

It seems hard to find a decent pair of stylish shorts these days. So many look like they belong on a twelve year old. And, I think I have reiterated the fact that I can’t stand cut-offs, unless you are on the beach. Of course, I don't shake my head in total disappointment when I see Cindy Crawford in cut-offs at the beach, but I'd rather see ladies wearing more versatile shorts out. Plus, Britney Spears kind of ruined cut-off shorts for me when she wore them while walking barefoot across liquor store parking lots in Santa Monica.

Gearing away from trashy and heading to classy, I adore the Luna Linen Tie Jacket and Linen Tie Shorts from Linen is a great material to enter the summer in because it keeps you cool and doesn't stick to your thighs... and that’s the last thing you want to worry about in the heat. The jacket and shorts don't have to be purchased together, although they would look lovely worn as a duo. If separated, the jacket would look killer over a sundress and the tie shorts would look polished with a camisole or denim jacket. The prices for both items are mind blowing! The jacket is $27 and the shorts are $17.

Guess by Marciano Cresta Linen Cargo Short
Guess by Marciano Cresta Linen Shorts

Available at:

I know some gals who are downright terrified of shorts. For you ladies I’ve got the golden ticket: the Walter Sandwashed Short that looks like a skirt from the front and doesn’t put too much emphasis on the inner thigh. This is a sophisticated pair of shorts with draping in the front and the back; two back pockets with zippers to show off the backside. The front draping in combination with the material makes this appropriate for more than just a casual summer setting. This is a skort reinvented for 2010-- buy it, wear it and sass it while soaking up the sun.

If neither of the above mentioned shorts are casual enough for you, or seem far from your idea of comfortable, then give the “Cresta” Guess by Marciano linen cargo shorts a try. It combines all the best trends by being comfortable with a drawstring waist and a soft linen feel, and with the flattering cargo design and front and back pockets for the much needed chap stick. Now all you need is a nice sun-kissed tan to go with it.

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Kim Moshtaghi
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