Review: DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer
DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer

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Sometimes a girl just needs a little tan. Fake tan, that is. But she doesn't have the time to wait for a self-tanner to develop, or want the smell that lingers after application. This is where body bronzers are supposed to come in, to fill that need for instant color without scent or commitment.

If the idea of applying what is essentially makeup to your limbs sounds messy and difficult, you're not alone. I've been a skeptic too. But recently, after deciding to wear a dress to an event, but not having time or inclination to do a self tanner application, I turned to a body bronzer. Digging deep into the recesses of my sample drawer, I pulled out a tube of DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer and went to work.

DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer is a bronzing body moisturizer plus SPF 15. It comes in two shades -- Medium an Deep -- and claims to be streak free, slightly shimmery and transfer resistant. I'm happy to report that this product pretty much delivers on its claims. My review:

Packaging and Instructions

The basic tube and twist-off cap is exactly what I'd expect from this kind of product and very easy to use. The instructions were a bit sparse in my opinion -- apply evenly, wait 30 minutes before sun exposure and wait until dry before dressing. Um, thanks. I think I could have figured out that much on my own. I'd add that applying in a circular motion is advisable as this product is prone to streaking a bit, particularly on pale skin. The product does dry quickly, which allows for adding a second coat to build the color, a great feature that isn't mentioned on the packaging.

Texture and Feel

DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer initially has the texture of a light moisturizer, but the fact that it is designed to dry to a transfer resistant product means that it gets tacky quickly as you start to rub it in. This is a good thing in the long run, but you definitely need to work quickly. The dry product is comfortable and doesn't feel at all like you have makeup on your skin.


After two coats of DuWop Revolution in Medium, with about 5 minute dry time in between coats, my legs were transformed from pasty white and blotchy to lightly tanned and even toned with day-appropriate shimmer. I was definitely not "tanned," but that's not really what I wanted. I did get a nice even skin tone, a lot like the effect you get from wearing super sheer stockings. I loved the look and will definitely use DuWop Revolution Body Bronzer in the future.

Disclosure: A sample of this product was received as part of a department store GWP offer; this site has no material connection to DuWop.