Fashion Cents: What to Wear to A Wedding

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

--By Kimberly Turner

I just recently went to a wedding and was astonished by the appearance of the guests. As I looked around the room, I made some assumptions:

  1. Some people just don't care what they look including if they look like they are going to the bar and not a wedding. Jeans and cute tops might be perfect if you are toasting your next shot but not when the toast are for the bride and groom.

  2. Some people are mad that they weren't asked to be in the wedding or they are determined to get one more use out of their prom gowns. Some of the women looked really silly strolling down the aisle in a floor length gown solo and seating on the pew next to me. They should save the floor length gowns for the bridesmaids who are being escorted by groomsmen.

  3. Some people are mad at the bride (or jealous). Maybe they hate the fact that she got married first. So they pulled out all of the stops, including wearing white, to make sure they got noticed at the wedding.
Now if you don't see anything wrong with the above, definitely watch the video! NOW! And even if you have more sense than that, check it out so you can make sure you don't break any vows at the next wedding you attend. Make sense?

Kimberly Turner
Kimberly Turner, your personal style guru, is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Kimberly has an MBA from the University of Michigan and an Image Consulting Certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Kimberly lives in the Windy city of Chicago and is the host of