New & Hot: Aqua Faux Fur Zip-Front Vest

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aqua Faux Fur Zip-Front Vest
Aqua Faux Fur Zip-Front Vest

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Faux fur, which was huge last fall and winter, is going to be even bigger for Fall 2010. I mean, c'mon, when Chanel sends head to toe faux fur down the runway you know it's going to be the year of faux!

I love faux fur. Once you move past trying to look real, just as Chanel did for Fall 2010, the possibilities become endless. Faux fur in wildly unnatural colors and textures has become a huge fashion statement-- it's so fun! I can't wait to snag both a faux fur vest and a jacket, and this Aqua Faux Fur Zip-Front Vest might be my first acquisition.

Aqua, the Bloomingdale's house contemporary label, does a wonderful job of translating runway trends into mid- to low-priced options. Aqua price tags rarely stray above $200 and the trends are spot on. This vest is proof positive. This cozy, snuggly faux fur vest comes in both Ivory (shown here) and Black, and at a price that is completely affordable. It could go rugged with the addition of army green skinny pants, or chic paired with fall's long, ladylike wide-leg trousers. Loves it.

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