How To: Get Lea Michele's Hair Style

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lea Michele hair style at Teen Choice Awards
When it comes to Glee star Lea Michele, there's a lot to envy. The hit television show, the amazing voice... and that gorgeous, bouncy hair! Lea had her amazing tresses on full display at the recent Teen Choice Awards, where she paired a sparkly mini-dress covered in a leaf motif and nude sandals with beachy, wavy hair that had a ton of volume.

Lea Michele's Teen Choice Awards hair style was created by stylist Mark Townsend using Dove hair care products. Dove is the official hair care sponsor of the Glee Live Concert Tour and has, apparently, been quite involved in helping the Glee cast achieve their star-perfect hair looks. When it came to her Teen Choice Awards look, though, Mark gave all the credit to Lea: "Lea and I often pull inspiration for her looks from a variety of fashion, beauty and Hollywood imagery. But for the Teen Choice Awards, Lea was the inspiration. She’s young, modern, smart and sexy and her look really reflected that sensibility. It was a bold choice – we’ve never done this kind of super volume before, but it looked gorgeous."

Want to steal Lea Michele's hair style for yourself? Here's the step-by-step for how Mark Townsend created the look:
• Shampoo and condition with Dove Damage Therapy Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner the night before to leave hair looking healthy and full of body

• Distribute Dove Body & Lift Volumizing Mousse throughout and blow dry hair with round brush to add lift

• Divide hair into 5 sections: 1 top, 2 sides, 2 back

• Apply Dove Heat Defense Therapy Mist to individual sections immediately before applying curling iron to protect hair against heat styling damage

• Starting with the back section, use a double barrel curling iron on 3 inch sections of hair, letting the curled pieces fall and hair cool without pinning

• Continue to curl the entire head using the double barreled iron to create figure-eight style waves

• Warm a pea-sized amount of Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream between the palms of hands. Rake fingers through hair to distribute product evenly for shiny, beachy texture.

Lea Michele at the Teen Choice Awards
• Flip head upside down to slightly loosen up the look and spray Dove Unscented Extra Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement throughout
Mark's work on Lea Michele's hair style didn't stop at the end of the styling session. He also gave Lea some tips for what she could do to keep the style fresh throughout the night: "Right before she left her house, I gave Lea a mini Dove Hairspray to carry in her purse. For award shows we often change her look from red carpet to performance or if she is presenting, but since Lea was wearing the same style throughout the evening we needed it to last. I told Lea to spray the sides of her hair just before she got out of the car, for an added bit of staying power. She also had it on hand in case the look needed a boost post-show," Mark explained.

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photos: courtesy rocket xl