New & Hot: Cecilia de Bucourt Metal Rock Cuff

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cecilia du Bucourt Metal Rock Cuff

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Leather cuffs were a novel jewelry idea when they first burst onto the scene several years ago: take something punk, make it luxe and take it mainstream. The trend started small. Then big players like Vita Fede got in on the action. Leather cuffs hit their stride. Then... well... overload. Everyone and their brother was suddenly offering a leather cuff as part of their line, and they all looked the exact same.

I don't dislike leather cuffs, in fact I have a Vita Fede quilted lambskin cuff that adore and wear regularly. But, I haven't been inspired to purchase any leather cuffs lately. However, this new leather cuff from Cecilia de Bucourt presents such a fresh take on the trend that it could inspire a leather cuff resurgence all on its own.

The Cecilia du Bucourt Metal Rock Cuff features antiqued metallic beads that give off the look of raw gold nuggets, plus draped chains, in addition to the snap-closure leather cuff base. The look is a little less precious than the standard stud-covered cuffs that have been all over lately, while maintaining a more upscale vibe. It presents a great combination of the leather cuff trend, with the equally desirable statement cuff trend. Plus, it doesn't hurt that this beaded cuff is inexplicably priced considerably lower than most of the "name brand" leather cuffs on the market.

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