Gift This: Nordstrom Solid Cashmere Muffler

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nordstrom Solid Cashmere Muffler
Who: Any cold climate dweller on your gift list

What: Nordstrom Solid Cashmere Muffler

Why: Four days in NYC during a colder-than-normal December has clued me in to the value of a really good scarf. Strangely, a scarf does add a significant amount of warmth, by simply bridging the gap between the coat and the chin. It sounds odd to those of us from more temperate climates, but I’ve learned that covering as much skin as humanly possible is a key to surviving on-foot transportation in below freezing temperatures. And, if you are going to surround your neck in fabric every time you step out the door, it helps if that fabric is warm, soft and fashionable.

This Nordstrom Solid Cashmere Muffler is ideal for gifting. It is crafted from 100% cashmere, comes in 13 colors and is reasonably priced for the quality. Although it is pictured in the women's section, I see no reason why this couldn't be a unisex gift. I suggest Grey Flannel or Natural for ladies, as those colors are versatile and tend not to show accidental makeup transfer. For the men, a basic Black, Grey Flannel or Winter White are simple options that are most likely to get actual wear.

If you are feeling generous, coordinating gloves and/or a hat are nice additions. Remember, in the wise words of Clinton and Stacy, it doesn’t need to match, it just needs to go.

→ Buy the Nordstrom Solid Cashmere Muffler, $59.90 (was $78-- save 20%), at