The Single Greatest Truth in Fashion

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lucky Magazine
I have, unwittingly, stumbled upon the single greatest truth in fashion. That is, all other fashion truths can be discovered by making a pilgrimage to the Conde Nast building, the holy land of fashion.

One need only to enter the elevator, assuming one makes it past the three-deep security guards and magnetic entry gates, to grasp the sartorial gravity of the building. Fashion is made between those four walls. Floors are not identified merely by their number, but by the name of the venerable magazine that occupies that level. Like beacons of style, they slowly illuminate as one ascends: Lucky… Glamour… Vogue.

Once one alights on a floor – I only made it as far as 4, the cafeteria – one begins to encounter Conde Nast girls. Immaculately dressed, perfectly made up, with luscious blown-out hair that seems to defy the elements (and not a single pony tail in sight); Conde Nast girls are a sight to behold. They are a walking lesson in artful dressing. I could spend hours just watching them walk by. Even in the frigid cold of a chillier-than-normal NYC December, they each appeared to have stepped right out of the pages of the glossies that employ them. In the three hours I spent at Conde Nast I learned at least a dozen little fashion lessons from watching the stunning women walking through cafeteria hall.

Vogue Magazine
And then there’s Anna. If the Conde Nast building is our holy land, Anna Wintour is the fashion Dali Lama. I can attest to the fact that you need only to inhale the rarefied air that surrounds Anna Wintour and you will achieve fashion enlightenment. It is a divine experience. I ran into Anna Wintour in the near-empty lobby of the Conde Nast building this week. She appeared like a mirage at the elevator bank and walked right past me, out the door and into a waiting car. The 15 seconds I spent in her midst were magical. She is just as glamorous, iconic, powerful and self-possessed as you’d imagine. For a brief sliver of time, I understood all that is fashion. Like all instances of great enlightenment, the moment passed. Sigh.

I have much more to share from my time at Conde Nast, including tidbits from the event that provided my entry into the temple of fashion: the Lucky Magazine / launch event. So, stay tuned. And, if you ever get the chance to make the great pilgrimage to the Conde Nast building, don’t pass it up. It is an impressive experience.

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