New & Hot: True Religion Carrie Flare Jeans

Monday, February 07, 2011

True Religion Carrie Flare Jeans
So, we all know that '70s-inspired trouser jeans are all the rage for Spring 2011. And I'm sure you're busy salivating over our Top 3 '70s-Inspired Trouser Jeans list, which catalogues some of the glossies' favorite new pair for Spring. But, just in case you'd rather wade into the trend with and old friend, True Religion is jumping into the fray with their own take on the retro jeans -- please don't call them bell bottoms -- trend.

The True Religion Carrie Flare Jeans feature the silhouette du jour: slightly higher waist, slim hip and thigh, extra wide leg opening. The back pocket design is the flat, stitched horse shoe style, like you'd find on the classic Bobby style. Although I'm partial to the backside-enhancing button pockets (like on the Joey fit), the slim lines of the stitched pocket compliment the shape of these jeans perfectly.

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