Comfy Winter Pajamas That Look Great

Thursday, October 06, 2011

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Rain was pouring outside my office windows all day yesterday and since the whole office is one big window, I couldn't help but daydream about being in my bed and getting cozy. I wanted to be underneath the covers with my warm pajamas and a stack of fashion magazines. But, that fantasy lasted about half a minute and then the phone rang. When it's gloomy and cold, there is nothing better than comfy pajamas that will make you want melt in your bed. So, why not think about purchasing some soft and feminine sleepwear that will prevent you from catching a cold.

I love thermal pajamas because they keep me warm all night. Victoria's Secret has a very adorable pair of thermal pajamas that will make the cold season an enjoyable one. The long sleeved shirt and tapered pants come in an array of colors and even have a girly cuteness to them that will get you giggling every time you see yourself wearing them.

Victoria's Secret Fireside Thermal Long Jane Pajama

→ Buy the Victoria's Secret Fireside Thermal Long Jane Pajama, $49.50, at

I mentioned a couple years ago that the softest pajamas I have ever worn are PJ Salvage brand. This is my ultimate favorite cotton fabric. Sounds weird, but for some reason their cotton fabric is like a snuggle bunny. This fun pair is perfect for a slumber party. Even though we are all too old for slumber parties, this set may entice me to partake in one. The wildest pair is the one with different cocktail designs on them. Just a little hint; try not to throw these in the dryer long because they do shrink. Trust me, this might be the answer to your best night's sleep. This and a good mattress.

PJ Salvage Knit Pajamas

→ Buy the PJ Salvage Knit Pajamas, $44.90 (was $68.00), at; shipping and returns are free.

If my heater is blasting, the last thing I want to do is walk around and lounge in a pantsuit. For these evenings, I love to wear a long shirt to sleep and dream in. Ralph Lauren is the definition of style and grace and if this black and white striped, long sleeved shirt doesn't do it for you then your going to have to settle for your ex-boyfriend's ugly sweater that you kept over the years. Okay, well maybe I'm the only one that keeps those, but hey I guess writing about myself is a self healing process.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Sleepshirt

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For the fashionistas everywhere, I highly recommend roaming around in the sexy leopard print Afterhours Satin Pajamas. The name is clever, and it might just lead to some after hours. Love the print, love the style. Great way to feel and look sexy, even in your dreams!

Victoria's Secret Afterhours Satin Pajama

→ Buy the Victoria's Secret Afterhours Satin Pajama, $59.50, at

Kim Moshtaghi
Kim Moshtaghi is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Born in Germany, Kim is currently based in sunny Del Mar, California, where she also serves as Stiletto Jungle's Director of Sales and Promotions. Kim has a communications degree, a third degree black belt, and a totally covetable Gucci handbag collection.