Cold Weather Fashion – Stay Stylish While Staying Warm

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

--Guest Post By Emily

While Winter has its perks such as festive holidays and snow days, the seemingly endless cold temperatures can be a challenge. It is so easy to fall into a routine – the same fraying grey sweater, leggings, wool socks and motorcycle boots all season. The dreary weather can be uninspiring, but sunless days don’t have to mean dull style. After all, Fashion Week falls in February for a reason.

Here are some outfit ideas for your Winter occasions that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Girl’s Night Out
Bar hopping with your girls doesn’t have to mean snow boots and a parka. Stay cozy with this cozy black cape from Maje ($371). These black bootie heels from Ron White ($425) aren’t just adorable, but they are lined with a layer of shearling to keep your dancing feet warm.

Girl's Night Out Look - Cold Weather Fashion

The rest of the look:

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Casual Weekend
Heading out to run errands this weekend? Skip the sweats. A fair isle print like on this silk top from Inside Out ($212) is a fun way to pay homage to the season. Throw on a surprisingly affordable and adorable chunky knit scarf from Forever 21 ($5) and you are ready to go!

Casual Weekend Look - Cold Weather Fashion

The rest of the look:

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→ Buy the AllSaints Roseport Ashby Jeans, $110.00, at

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Winter Farmer’s Market
Pick up your Winter squashes and pumpkins while you still can, but leave those tired rain boots at home. Hit the market in a chic blue maxi skirt from Rachel Zoe ($495) and cozy fur booties from Aldo ($35).

Winter Farmer's Market Look - Cold Weather Fashion

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Guest blogger Emily is the founder of She finds affordable versions of designer pieces as well as celebrity style for less. You can follow her updates on Twitter via @mockoff.