Steal: Gap Leather Flip Flops $24.95

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gap Leather Flip Flops
These brand new Gap Leather Flip Flops are a fabulous new steal for several reasons, not the least of which is that they are a dead ringer for Tkees $48.00 flip flops... at half the price. Exciting, right?

Gap's Leather Flip Flops come in 10 gorgeous colors, ranging from neutrals to Spring-perfect brights, including two different shades of "nude" (um, kind of like Tkees). They are constructed from 100% leather with a padded footbed and a rubber sole, which is pretty impressive given the super low price. I'm always shocked when I find leather shoes for under $50. They are available in sizes 6 to 11, with the entire range of sizes in stock as of this writing.

Gap Leather Flip Flops
My favorite thing about these new Gap flip flops is how simple they are. Really, there's just a narrow leather strap in a solid color, with a matching solid color footbed. Not a crazy detail, adornment or visible logo to be found. In fact, the only way to tell who made these shoes is to look under the foot of the wearer -- a simple Gap logo is embossed under the arch.

These leather sandals are ideal for pairing with this Spring's busier prints and color combinations because they are so simple that they won't compete for eye-space. Oh, and let's mention that price again -- wear everywhere leather sandals for under $25.00. Such a steal.

→ Buy the Gap Leather Flip Flops, $24.95, at; free shipping on $50+.