Hair Straightener Reviews: Picking the Right One for You

Monday, May 28, 2012

--Guest Post By Liam Fisher

There are many hair straighteners on the market now which can offer you lots of control over your personal style, and lots of choice over budget and design. So which is right for you? Here we’ll give you the low-down on what to expect from each of the top names.

1. Cloud 9 straighteners:
These nifty straighteners are used by hairdressers like James Brown and Richard Ward, so it’s definitely the “designer brand”. The official $249 price tag includes a gorgeous carry pouch, protective heat guard and two year guarantee. Keep your eyes out for special offers online though, as this brand are constantly dishing out special offers.

You’ll love these Straighteners if you:
…like high quality, safety conscious hair tools.
…take your straighteners on holidays with you (because of the cute carry case!).
…like your designer labels.
…use straighteners on a regular basis and need a product that will last.

Cloud Nine The Original Iron

→ Buy the Cloud Nine The Original Iron, $249.00, at

2. GHD straighteners:
GHDs: the perfect choice for those who want a fuss-free pair of hair straighteners at a great price. GHD have a fantastic range of products, but here we’re referring to their original straightener. This model’s extremely popular with hair salons and countless women too, renowned for their reliability.

You’ll love these straighteners if you:
…like a proven history of success.
…like reliable products that will last years.
…like fuss-free and simple designs.
…want salon-perfect results.

ghd Classic Styler

→ Buy the ghd Classic Styler, $185.00, at; shipping is free.

3. Remington Frizz Therapy Straighteners:
These are perfect for you if you have frizz-prone hair, or your hair is naturally thick and curly. These straighteners have slightly thicker plates than the other competitors – so they make light work of long hair. These straighteners also feature a digital temperature display, auto shut-off (after one hour) and a four year warranty, so they’re definitely an option if you’re concerned about safety.

You’ll love these straighteners if you:
…have thick, curly or frizzy hair.
…use your straighteners on holiday in hot weather.
…often worry about leaving them on by accident.
…don’t have much to spend.

Style Therapy Frizz Therapy 1 Inch Flat Iron

→ Buy the Style Therapy Frizz Therapy 1 Inch Flat Iron, $49.99, at; shipping is free.

4. Nicky Clarke Bullet tip straightener:
The Nano silver technology used in these straighteners is claimed to leave anyone’s hair beautifully radiant and shining, whilst banishing frizz. They are great for precision too – as the bullet tip lets you create curls much easier than other straighteners on the market, offering greater versatility and cutting time from your routine.

You’ll love this straightener if you:
…don’t want to spend too much.
…want to experiment with your hair styling.
…have frizzy hair.
…have a taste for the cutting edge.

Nicky Clarke Bullet Tip Straightener

→ Buy the Nicky Clarke Bullet Tip Straightener, £59.99, at

Liam Fisher is a blogger with Feel Unique, bringing you the latest products from GHD, Kérastase, TIGI and many more.