How to Style a White Romper

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

--Guest Post By Jason Phillips

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Rompers are becoming increasingly popular outfits that are stylish as well as comfortable. The subtle look of the romper makes it perfect for a casual day out and when accompanied with other things you will easily find in your wardrobe, you will be able to carry it off beautifully even for a formal occasion.

Rompers are equipped to get you ready for any kind of look you are looking for and when the fashion occasion needs it can be easily personalized to better suit your mood. The customization of a romper is one of the best ways to bring out the look of the outfit, as well as highlight your own personality at a gathering. Some simple tips to dress up a romper are given below.

A Jacket
The first option you can opt for is to put on a subtle coloured jacket. Since the romper is plain white, any kind of striking coloured jacket would clash with the outfit, while also take away from the look of the romper itself, thus it is important to choose a jacket shade which is light and pastel. An earthy brown or beige would be the best option because it would complement the romper and not over shadow it instead.

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A Scarf
A sophisticated and stylish accompanist to most fashion outfits, a scarf can be one of the best finishing touches you can give to your romper. A light blue or even a turquoise green could be a delightful combination with your romper, giving you a fashion statement, perfect for a summer night out. Woven, wrinkled or fringed, any style of scarf would go well with it when delicately draped around your neck. Also, since it restricts being draped on a short area, the romper does not get hidden behind it and the both work together to give you the desired look.

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A Belt
A belt is an accessory a number of outfits need to get a finished look. It is like the carving of stone to diamond because it gives the outfit shape along the body and also has a design to add to the dress you wear. A pastel blue, green or brown belt would work well with a white romper to give a break in the plan white which would otherwise look monotonous. It does not take away from the romper, but simply adds pause to the simplicity of it, making it look that much more stylish.

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Fashion Jewellery
A clashing bright coloured bracelet or an eye-catching ring could be the need of the hour to brighten up your plain white romper. The accessories not only highlight the parts of the body white the romper does not, but also gives a more feminine and delicate look. The strong colours of jewellery can be the slight detailing your romper needs so you do not blend in the crowd through your get together but do not attract undesired attention either.

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Shoes are always the dress’s best friend. The perfect pair is a must for every occasion and without them, no lady decides to attend a get together. The perfect shoes for a romper would be those that are an earthy colour so they do not clash with the romper and are also slightly high rise, to give an ornamental look to those long legs which the romper tends to highlight. Gladiator sandals or even gladiator leg straps are a perfect ending to the plain white romper. These shoes will make sure they carefully highlight your walk when you step into the group and make sure your romper does not look too simple.

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A Fashionable Handbag
A small handbag that is lightly shades, or has a delicate pattern on it could be the accessory which would give you maximum utility. Aside from giving you space to carry your BlackBerry or iPhone, your compact and your gloss, it also gives you the elegant and urbane finish you would like for a formal gathering, to go with your romper.

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You could choose from either of these accessories and also use combinations of the same to give you the perfect look. Colour coordination between the accessories will make sure your ornaments and finishing touches are seen and they let the plain white romper remain the centre of attention nonetheless. So mix and match to get the stylish statement you want with your romper.

The post is authored by Jason Phillips, he is a stylist and fashion designer. His primary interest leans in designing rompers and casual T shirts. Basically, he is a style icon who wants to change the landscape of fashion world.