Celebrity Style: Glasses

Monday, June 04, 2012

--Guest Post By Sara Roberts

In years past it was not always considered cool to have to wear glasses. Many wealthy celebrities avoided wearing glasses and instead spent money on expensive eye surgeries or contacts. In recent years there has been an influx of celebrities who don glasses. Ranging from budget specs to high quality designer eyewear, these celebrities are making glasses cool once again. If you need to wear glasses for your vision but want to look great while you do so, use this guide to find the perfect pair of glasses that will be both practical and stylish.

Dita Vesoul
These oversize frames are incredible trendy and have been seen on a number of celebrities around the world. Gwen Stefani wears them regularly around town as well as for photo ops. The large frames have a tortoiseshell color that go well with a range of different outfits and colors. The combination of cat-eye and aviator shapes makes it slightly retro while still staying right on trend.

Wear them if you are not afraid to make a statement and get noticed. They work best in casual fun settings rather than more formal occasions. Dita also makes over a dozen other styles of sunglasses as well as reading glasses to improve vision.

Gwen Stefani wearing Dita Vesoul Glasses

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Corinne McCormack Readers Nicole Eyeglasses
These vision correcting glasses are a way to accessorize any outfit while still seeing clearly. The classic brand always delivers with attractive frames and high quality lenses, so you can rest assured that the seventy dollars you spend on a pair will be well worth it.

This pair is actually worn often by female celebrities who manage to keep a professional look without diving into unfashionable territory. Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon in the hit television show 30 Rock is often seen in her Corinne McCormack Readers Nicole Eyeglasses looking cute, quirky and stylish whether she is dressed in office attire or more casual outfits. The neutral color and oval shape fits most facial shapes quite well.

Corinne McCormack Readers Nicole Eyeglasses

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Ray-Ban RX RX5228 Eyeglasses
For a female look that is a little bolder and more quirky than a traditional round or oval pair, consider these Ray Ban eyeglasses that are slightly rectangular and a deep black color. The look pops with any outfit and can look instantly professional when paired with dark formal attire or bang on trend when matched up with neon colors and wild accessories. They are worn by Zooey Deschanel's character Jess in the television show The New Girl and perfectly suit her bubbly, quirky personality to a tee.

Adele wearing Ray-Ban RX RX5228 Eyeglasses

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Giorgio Armani 864 Eyeglasses
Fashionable eyewear is certainly not limited to female celebrities. Men also struggle to find glasses that help them to look professional while staying trendy and current. Giorgio Armani makes a range of stylish spectacles seen on celebrities from Brad Pitt to Johnny Depp. The 864 version of the classic pair is slightly squared but still fits most faces without looking too modern or contemporary. They work best for those trying to look professional and stylish but not casual.

Giorgio Armani 864 Eyeglasses

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Each of these glasses will help you to look like your favorite celebrity while embracing fashion and improving your vision.

Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a unique and fashionable eyeglasses retailer.