Block Rockin Fashions: What to Wear, What Not to Wear

Friday, July 13, 2012

--Guest Post By Lisa jane

This season says bright colours, Aztec prints and the mix and match feel of a starlet’s wardrobe in a charity shop. So are you ready to ditch the duffle and get with the programme?

That’s right, the much loved duffle coat, a mainstay of fashion for a couple of years now, is starting to take a backseat as men’s tailoring goes all Jermyn Street in the '60s, and women’s fashions embrace the big shoulders and crazy prints of the '80s.

Women’s fashions at right now see the “motel” look coming in with a vengeance. This look really started last year, when the look books for the major high street brand started to see hip young models, bright gloss lipstick and faux-Miami photo shoots – a trend that has blossomed fully this year with a whole range of motel themed garments and accessories, from swimsuits to gaudy print tees.

The general atmosphere of the look this year is somewhere between Studio 54 and Miami’s beach front apartments. You’re looking at hair that could equally be Vivienne Westwood or Tim Westwood and accessories that would look at home in Camden High Street or on a private island in the Caribbean.

Runway Trends 2012 -

Because this year at it’s all about style that transcends boundaries of class and obsession. The look is careless and affected at the same time. It’s got dishevelled glamour, wide eyed innocence and the laziness of summer days woven into it.

In other words: there’s a look for each occasion. You need to get with the programme on the beach, in the bar and on an evening out. Not to mention when you’re going to work, or when you lounge around for the weekend with your family.

For the men, it’s all about age. Younger guys are in figure hugging colourful jeans, granddad knits with wild '80s patterns and metrosexual tees that could equally be seen on the girlfriend as the boyfriend. While 30-plus men are rocking that David Beckham look – a little bit biker, a little bit California media mogul and a little bit Eastern. Wraps and scarves are the must have accessories for men in this category – worn with tees and jeans, all you need to complete the look is the trendy city scooter.

For the women, younger fashions are all about those metrosexual tees again, with big animal prints or Native American Indians on the front. Famous pop culture figures and iconic musicians or album covers are all part of the scene too.

The woman who’s come through the first part of her 20s has even more choice – from retro '80s throwback looks, to looks inspired by the flowing flower power of the '60s and early '70s. Depending on the weather and the occasion, there are delightful casual jean shorts and peasant blouses – or how about mixing it up with a pair of super chic boot cut flares?

So the question as usual – what’s hot and what’s not – is answered according to age. Look the part for your peer group, and try not to dress up or down – it rarely works.

Lisa jane is a keen fashion blogger, currently writing for Indian designer fashion retailer, a mould-breaking startup company talking the latest fashions directly to the people of India.