3 Top Tips for Stress Free Vacation Packing

Monday, July 16, 2012

--Guest Post By Kat

It’s that time of year again, time to drag the suitcase out from the bottom of the wardrobe and start planning your vacation wardrobe. For many this is the highlight of their year, shopping and putting together outfits for each day of a two week break, for others it is something to be avoided until they really have no choice but to start packing.

I used to be in the latter category until I suddenly realised that I was going about packing all wrong. After years of going over my baggage allowance and returning home with clothes that were never worn, I decided enough is enough and took on a new packing strategy. If you have yet to get started on your vacation wardrobe here are my top tips for stress free suitcase filling!

1. Carefully Create Outfits
First of all try everything on before you put it into the case, I often grabbed handfuls of clothes and threw them in on the off chance that I would have an opportunity to wear them. If you try clothes on and put together complete outfits you will soon start to save space as you realise that your ball gown is just not suitable for a week in Ibiza!

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2. Think in Layers
Layering is the key to a well-planned vacation wardrobe. Kaftans are a must for those looking for easy to wear day to night outfits that can be transformed with just a few accessories and a belt. Sarongs are also very handy and can be worn several different ways for laid back beach style.

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3. Less is More for Shoes
Shoes used to be the main source of my over-packing woes until I learnt that less really is more. Wedges are the perfect vacation shoe and can be worn around the pool, at the beach and even for a night on the town. Lotus shoes have a fantastic selection of vacation wedges that will keep your feet looking stylish throughout your break. A good pair of flip flops and a pair of pumps for sightseeing trips and you are good to go! Just remember to leave the stilettos at home.

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Kat is a full time writer and blogger who loves all things fashion and beauty. She spend her spare time shopping or hunting for online bargains and loves a good pair of shoes.