Are You Using the Right Laundry Detergent for You?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Style, at its best, is so personal. There's so much we think about when it comes to choosing the right clothes. Cut and silhouette. Fabric and drape. Color and shade. Hem length and sleeve shape. The list goes on and on. We fashion lovers would never compromise our clothing selection by wearing something that wasn't calculated to be perfect for us as individuals. So, when's the last time you gave some thought to the right clothing care choice for you?

I was recently approached to try out, and then share my experiences with, the new MyTide Selector Quiz. Developed by the team at Tide laundry detergent, this online quiz is designed to help people choose the right laundry detergent for their specific needs and lifestyle. Don't pretend you haven't been at least a little confused by the sudden proliferation of detergent types, styles, and colors. Think of this quiz as your Tide personal shopper.

Tide Plus a Touch of Downy

I took the quiz and found that my needs would be best served by Tide Plus a Touch of Downy. This particular Tide detergent is designed to provide clean plus a touch of softness, "so clothes feel just as good as they look." This selection makes perfect sense for my lifestyle. A glance at my laundry pile reveals a lot of tee shirts and pajamas -- two items I seem to collect like a mad woman, both of which I prefer super soft and cozy. A detergent that's built to ensure a little extra softness sounds perfect to me.

So, I headed over to my local big box store and snapped up a jug of Tide Plus a Touch of Downy to try with my weekend laundry. After three loads, I'm quite pleased. It cleaned just as well as my usual detergent, the no-longer-available Tide Plus Baking Soda that I've been stocking away (what can I say, I'm a Tide girl). But, on top of the expected cleanness, my clothes definitely had an extra softness that was reminiscent of the labor-intensive use of liquid fabric softener. Plus, the April Fresh scent is quite nice. It's also available in Clean Breeze and Lavender scents.

I'd never thought of selecting a laundry detergent that would specifically address my lifestyle, but using the MyTide Selector Quiz has left me wondering why. I was a little bummed about having to find a replacement for my beloved Tide Plus Baking Soda, but I now have a new detergent choice that fits my needs perfectly. Nice.

Are you in the mood for a new laundry detergent? Give the MyTide Selector Quiz a try before your next shopping trip. You'll get a recommendation that's personalized for you. What fashionista wouldn't love that?

MyTide Logo

From dingy whites to tough stains, Tide has a cleaning solution designed for any laundry needs. Need to eliminate odors from active wear? Looking for a solution that’s free of dyes and perfumes? Tide has a product to fit any lifestyle. Find out what Tide is right for you with the MyTide Selector.

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