How to Revive Your Fall Fashion Classics with Jewelry

Monday, September 10, 2012

--Guest Post By Claire Windon

Fall is on the horizon and, like any savvy fashionista, you probably have your tried and true classics on the ready -- your wool blazers and slacks, tweed skirts and coats, and coziest sweaters and knits. These classic pieces never go out of style, but you can add new life to your old wardrobe with jewels that complement your clothing with the rich palette of autumn.

From chunky bracelets to emblazoned gems, you can make a bold statement this season by spicing up your favorite outfits with a dazzling array of jewels in seasonal hues like copper, gold, forest green, and maroon.

Metallic Shine

Tiffany and Co. Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff

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When shopping for jewelry to revive your classics, you can hardly go wrong with metal jewels made from gold, copper, brass, silver, or even stainless steel. That metallic flash will even set off your darkest, most sedate suits.

To give your black or brown outfits a bold new look, check out large cuff bracelets that boast distinctive metalwork or brooches that will enliven your plainest blazers or sweaters. An unusual pendant will provide visual interest to wake up solid turtlenecks or single-color blouses.

Whether you’re searching out a great vintage piece or patronizing a cool jewelry artisan, you’ll add new life to your old wardrobe with metal jewelry. Consider these sites and artisans and their work for applicable jewelry ideas:

Seasonal Gemstones

Brazilian Colors of Citrine Sterling Pendant

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Gemstones will add a rich sense of sparkle to any item in your fall wardrobe. Certain gems are just perfect for the fall season with their characteristic colors. Consider precious and semi-precious gemstones like garnet, fire opal, amber, bloodstone, chrome diopside, citrine, cat’s eye, or smoky topaz.

Gems that boast the rich colors of autumn will rejuvenate your outfits and celebrate your sense of style. Check out these sites for gorgeous gemstone jewels:

Charming Details

Vintage Charm Bracelet

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Charm bracelets and necklaces are as popular as ever. Whether you wear charms that reflect personal interests or events or to sport an eclectic tribal look, you’ll have a wide array of charm jewels to consider.

From high end pieces like Pandora jewelry to fun artisan-created items, you’ll always boast a conversation piece when you wear charms. These sites are ideal for charm pieces of jewelry:

Classic Look

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Since your classic fall wardrobe likely features items that never go out of style, you might also look for jewels that will serve the same purpose. While fashion jewelry is great to update an older outfit, a classic jewelry composed of onyx, pearls, or diamonds can complement a classic sense of style. Single chains that feature a large pearl or earrings that boast a simple yet singular design will always work to brighten your outfit and keep you looking your classic best.

Trend Setter

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Jewelry designs can also serve to bring your sense of style up to date. Upcoming trends promise tribal and earthy appeal. Look for items that celebrate nature or world cultures. You’ll look trendy and hip even in your oldest duds when you sport a funky Egyptian revival pin or a chunky bracelet with fallish-colored minerals. Check out these sites for some stylish new items:

Claire Windon
Guest post contributed by Claire Windon on behalf of Sorella Jewelry. Claire is a freelance jewelry designer and freelance writer. Her articles appear on various online fashion publications.