Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Thursday, October 25, 2012

--Guest Post By Chris Smith

Halloween is always a difficult time for a girl; whereas guys can seem to get away with slapping on a bit of fake blood and calling themselves a zombie, girls have to try to achieve a fine balance between looking spooky AND stylish!

Here are a few costume ideas that straddle that fine line!

1980s Madonna
A real style icon, '80s vintage Madge’s distinct look makes for a unique Halloween costume and fits right in with the 80s revival trend! Madonna’s style in the 80s was ever-changing, so we’re going to settle for the Queen of Pop’s look in the 1985 movie ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’!

What You’ll Need:

  • Retro-Style Black Jumpsuit - the base of the outfit, available from most high street stores!
  • Leather Jacket - you’ll struggle to find one as distinctive as Madonna’s, so accessorise the jacket with leopard print material and attempt to make your own version of the icon on the back!
  • Lace Gloves - an iconic part of the Madonna look, you should be able to pick these up pretty cheap from a costume store.
  • Stacks of Necklaces and Bracelets - Madge wears a cross and pearls but you can change this up based on what you’ve got in your jewellery box; just wear plenty!
  • Black Hair Bow - a cutesy but essential addition to the edgy look. Team it with huge permed hair or a blonde permed wig.

Catwoman/ Black Widow
With the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’ being the two highest-grossing movies this year, 2012 is undoubtedly the year of the superhero.

Why not tap into the popularity of the superhero trend by suiting up as Anne Hathaway’s sultry Catwoman or Scarlett Johansson’s equally stylish Black Widow?

What You’ll Need:

  • Black Catsuit (available from most fancy dress stores) or black leggings and black top (preferably zip-up)
  • High Heel Boots - go for knee high boots for Catwoman and a bootie style for Black Widow; the more on trend the boots, the better!
  • Leather Gloves - full gloves for Catwoman, fingerless for Black Widow
  • Cat Mask/Ears (Catwoman)/Dark Red Wig (Black Widow) - the defining feature of both characters!

Cruella DeVille
She may be the most dastardly of all Disney villains, but Cruella DeVille is easily the most stylish! Scary but fashionable...Cruella DeVille is arguably the ultimate female Halloween costume!

What You’ll Need:

  • White or Cream Faux-Fur Coat - get Cruella’s glam look without the cruelty! Look in thrift stores/charity shops for a bargain.
  • Animal Print Scarf – preferably Dalmatian print, but as animal print is in this season you can probably get away with your own personal favourite print!
  • Long Red Gloves – you’ll be able to find these in most costume stores
  • Your Favourite LBD
  • A Prop Cigarette Holder - Cruella’s iconic accessory!
  • A Mid-Length White Wig - Dye one half black!

So there you have it, three quick Halloween costume ideas that’ll transform you from Halloween horror to Halloween hottie!

Chris Smith is a writer specialising in a range of topics, including entertainment and fashion. You can read more of Chris’ posts over at Accessoryo, a fashion accessories retailer (including alternative fashion accessories for Halloween!) for whom he blogs regularly.