What To Wear When Working Out, Fashionista Edition

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

--Guest Post By Ruth Margrove

You’d be plain na├»ve to think that you can get away without looking good whilst working out, unless you're completely uninterested in that beautiful gym instructor at your local gym or the marathon trainer that you've had your eye on. Your sneakers and tracksuit can say as much about you as any other outfit.

It can be quite difficult to find fashionable training gear that still says something about your personality – that’s why we're here to help you find the perfect gym outfit that will keep you looking fit as a fiddle by encouraging you to hit the gym in style!

Let’s start with the tracksuit. I love these white tracksuit bottoms by Freddy available at Zalando. I have never thought to wear white before when working out, but these pants look great, you’re sure to stand out and they will keep you feeling cool. With a loose fit they should flatter any shape.

Freddy Tracksuit Bottoms

→ Buy the Freddy Tracksuit Bottoms, £36.00, at zalando.co.uk.

Team those track suits bottoms with this Cassall vest top. The thin straps on the back look really good and it is made from breathable fabric. There’s no need to look overly sporty at the gym -- this top says work out but you could get away with it in a different scenario. I really like its scoop neck and waist band.

Casall Ripple Loose Top

→ Buy the Casall Ripple Loose Top, £55.00, at zalando.co.uk.

To avoid getting cold at your yoga cool down session, make sure you take a long sleeved tracksuit top with you. I really like the simple style of this classic hoody. In grey you could even wear this outside of the gym when you need to dress more causally. Try this Freddy range - which also has some other inspiring gym outfits available which offer something a little bit different.

Freddy Sweat Jacket

→ Buy the Freddy Sweat Jacket, £47.00 (was £67.00), at zalando.co.uk.

Now you just need a pair of sneakers. the Nike free run rangehas some great pairs to choose from. They offer fantastic value for money, a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design and a comfortable fit - ideal for running. Nike's official website helpfully explains how the Free Run Range is adaptable to your foot arch and provides flexible breathable support. This range will do the trick for both comfort and style! My favourite is the Nike Performance Free 3.0 V4. In six shades of pink, purple, blue, you can find a colour to match the rest of your work out wardrobe. They are covered in tiny little stars and have a cushioned heel for comfort.

Nike Free 3.0 V4 Running Shoes

→ Buy the Nike Free 3.0 V4 Running Shoes, £80.00, at zalando.co.uk.

Remember you don’t have to leave fashion at home when you’re working out, in fact the type of clothes you chose says a lot about your health routine and your personal style. You don't have to look the same as everybody else in the gym, choose something different that matches the way you would dress outside of the gym also. Nike’s free run range have fantastic trainers for women, that will keep you looking stylish!

This post was written by Ruth Margrove, working with Zalando.co.uk, the online fashion outlet. Ruth is a recent graduate from the Univiersity of Bristol, who loves to blog about fashion & beauty, and has a keen interest in all things vintage.