Professional Work Clothes: 5 New Looks for Fall

Monday, October 22, 2012

--Guest Post By Suzy Walsh

Professional work fashion changes every season, and the fall is a special season when there is so much to try and experiment. If you are gearing up for a happening week at the office, here are a few fall fashion tips. Remember, ensure that you try creating your own style as fashion is not all about imitating but creating your own personality with the things you wear.

1. Get to layering
When it comes to professional work clothes, many women are hesitant about making changes to their daily looks. Professional doesn’t mean boring, though it may mean that you are restricted from wearing a few things. For fall 2012, try to go for layering. Combine a different set of fabrics in two or three layers with the color sequence in mind.

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2. Get to peplum dresses and tops
Peplum made it point in all seasons this year and the best thing is you can wear it with equal style both formally and informally. Peplum tops can be worn classically with a pencil skirt or stylish trouser. Since the style essentially doesn’t do much to your figure, you must ensure that the fitting is well done without any mistake.

On the other hand, dresses are meant for offering the complete tuned look. Say no to long dresses but try and stick to those dresses that end just above your knee. Check clothes online for the trends that are working in the stores.

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3. Get to velvety fabrics
If you think velvet is not classy, give it a second thought. Velvet has been used smartly in many collections for Fall 2012, and there are endless ways to get that lush look. Don’t try for traditional velvet if you think that’s over the top, but you can try looks that have that kind of feeling.

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4. Get to bright colors
Too many bright colors may not be the right thing for the professional office, but you don’t need to wear those shades of grey, blue and black anymore. Try for some bright shades that are not over the top. As a smart alternative to dark colored suits, you can try hard to find colors that are soft yet glamorous. Beige, coffee and other pastel shades can be decent choices.

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5. Get ankle straps
Back straps and ankle straps are making a huge comeback in the market, and for this year in the fall season, you can steer clear of all those boring boots that offer the same kind of looks. Try and wear strappy shoes, which are a great rage among professional work fashion lovers. Just stick to the basic colors such as beige, brown or black.

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Fall fashion for the professional office is all about how you manage to create your own distinct style. The above mentioned trends are just indicative what the fashion groups and style experts are talking about. The more you explore fashion, the more close you get to incorporate your personal style at the office.

Suzy Walsh is fashion expert who is associated with The House of Elegance Fashion and several other blogs as a guest blogger. Her style statements are known to be in sync with latest fashion trends with an input for the regular style lovers.