The Best Jeans for Petite Women

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

--Guest Post By Kim Willington

Buying jeans can be challenging for petite women. Besides the fact that most jeans are not cut to the right length for petite women, some styles can also make petite women look shorter. It is important to choose the right style to create a clean, tailored look that also elongates the body.

The key for petite women is to choose straight-legged pants, which will help them to look longer and leaner. It is also important to choose darker colors and to avoid cuffs, pleats, and bulky pockets.

These straight-leg jeans from Levi's feature a dark, flattering wash with a slim fit through the hips and thighs. The inseam is also cut especially for petite women and measures 29 inches.

Levi's Petite Jeans, Straight-Leg, Denim Defense Wash

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Another pick from Levi's, these jeans feature a sapphire wash with slight fading through the thighs to help lengthen the legs. The contrast topstitching further helps to lengthen the legs. Again, the inseam is cut at 29 inches especially for petite women.

Levi's Petite Jeans, Slimming Straight-Leg, Sapphire Wash

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Joe's Jeans offers these straight-leg jeans with a bit of a flair to accommodate boots. The extra bit of length helps to elongate the legs -- and wearing boots with them with help, too! The inseam is cut a bit longer -- 30 inches -- but is still cut specifically for petite women.

Joe's Jeans Petite Provocateur in Taylor

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This straight-leg, boot-cut jean from Jag creates a long and sexy look that's perfect for wearing this season's hottest boots. The cuff dips just below the leg, helping the create extra length. The "after midnight" stain creates a flattering look.

Jag Jeans Petite Petite Foster Mid-Rise Narrow Boot in After Midnight

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Looking for jeans that have a darker stain and a straight-leg cut can help petite women flatter their figures while also creating length. However, it can still be difficult for petite women to find jeans that fit them properly, as the inseam is often cut too long. Don't be afraid to purchase jeans and have them professionally hemmed. The key is to find something that fits properly around the waist and through the knee. The rest can be altered as needed.

Kim Willington is a freelance writer and researcher for, where she has recently been researching help desk solutions. In her spare time, she enjoys antiquing and taking long walks with her retriever, Spencer.