Top Pick: Rachel Zoe Truman Boot Cut Jeans

Monday, October 08, 2012

Rachel Zoe Truman Boot Cut Jeans
As a general rule these days, I strongly dislike boot cut jeans. Yeah, I know I would have been singing a different tune a few years ago. Personal style is a fickle thing. But, I'm setting aside my anti-boot cut stance for these new Rachel Zoe Jeans.

The Rachel Zoe Truman Boot Cut Jean is really a bit more of a flare, or an exaggerated boot cut. They're super dark, unwashed blue denim with classic golden yellow stitches and golden satin piping at the pocket. The cotton-polyester-spandex construction is sure to provide a lot of stretch for a slim fit through the hips and thighs.

But, what I like best about these jean is the unapologetically '70s look and feel. The remind me of the Peter Golding jeans my mom wore in the late '70s and early '80s, in all their stretchy dark denim glory. It wouldn't take a lot to create a fabulous vintage-inspired look -- just add platform shoes and a silky top. Or, just make a subtle nod to decades past by adding a slim cashmere sweater in pale beige (it will go great with the gold accents).

Ok, downsides. First, the washing instructions say these are hand wash only. I'm sure I can find a way around that, but I feel the need to warn you all before you fall madly in love with these jeans. Also, the inseam is a whopping 38 inches. That will require a amazing tailor or really tall shoes.

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