What to Wear with Maxi Skirts in Fall and Winter

Monday, October 08, 2012

--Guest Post By Jason Phillips

Maxi skirts are way more adaptable than you realize. The soft, romantic, and relaxed feelings that this garment creates is appreciated by all women. The maxi skirt always finds a place in our wardrobe. But, we don’t want to be tied to just one look, teaming them with the same tops and shoes.

Fall Maxi Skirt Looks

The best part about maxi skirts is that they are very versatile and can be combined with a great variety of shoes and tops. The maxi skirt look can work in all seasons when the correct fabric is chosen according to the season. Plus point of a maxi skirt is that it can make you look taller and slimmer and it is easily combined with various styles. Get a glance of what your all-season maxi skirt can be complemented with this fall and winter. Add in a blazer or jacket with smart top and sexy footwear and you are good to go!

Fall Maxi Skirt Looks with Shoes

A large variety of shoe styles get along very well with your long flowing maxis, or the form fitting maxi, and creates a chic look for this season. Let us get started with a shoe shopping excursion.

Flat Boots
This is the fall shoe style that gets along best with the maxi skirt. Flat boots go so well that knee high, lace up, zip up, and ankle lengths all work great. The military and Victorian inspired styles are also a great for pairing with maxi skirts. The obvious no-nos of flat boots with maxi skirts are pairing rain boots and desert boots with your flowery maxis, no matter how casual they look.

Torrid Tan Azazel Suede Back Flat Boots

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Heeled Booties and Ankle Boots
The full length of the maxi skirt implies that boot shaft height is not important, but ankle boots and heeled booties go like peanut butter and jam. For a solid and consistent look, pair up a boot that goes above the hemline of the skirt and no leg shows. Pair up the booties with a maxi skirt that is not very long so as to cover the top of the booties. Throwing in a pair of tights just creates the perfect winter and fall look.

Lorella White and Purple Floral Lace Up Over Ankle Boot

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High Heeled Pumps and Shoes
Pointy toe pumps don’t go so well with maxi skirts as they don’t provide the sufficient contrast. Almond shaped will work better. Be cautious about keeping your heel open this winter and fall season when wearing your high heeled pumps with maxi skirts because the hem can get trapped between your shoe and heel.

B Atwood Francoise Platform Pump Beige Suede

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Heeled Boots
Just the way heeled booties work like magic, tall heeled boots also work magnificently with your maxi skirts. Contrast the color and style of your heeled boots with your maxi skirt. If the skirt is plain let the boots be bold and dictate your look. And if the maxi is colourful and vivacious, let the boots be simpler and flatter than the skirt.

Giuseppe Zanotti Lace Up Booties

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Another must have element in your wardrobe to keep you snug this winter is a cardigan or jacket. Let’s see the six trendy ways to complement your maxi skirt with this warm snug garment.

Maxi Skirt With Cardigan
A cardigan should not be very long when worn with a maxi skirt. The cardigan should be well fitted and accessorized with great belts and chic bracelets give the complete look.

John Lewis Deep V-Neck Cardigan in Yellow

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Maxi Skirt With Leather Jacket
A light chiffon maxi skirt teamed with the hot, trendy leather jacket creates a distinctive look. Floral top, flowy maxi skirt and the biker leather jacket is the dream look this season.

Diesel Black Gold Lavan Jacket

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Maxi Skirt With Quilted Jacket
Neutral colors and mix-and-match fabrics, like a chiffon maxi skirt and quilted jacket, give a stylish and fabulous look. High boots, flat or heeled, add spiciness to the look.

Moschino Cheap and Chic Quilted Jacket

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Maxi Skirt With Tuxedo Jacket
A romantic maxi skirt and a sleeveless tuxedo jacket is the bohemian evening outfit, just pair with high heeled pumps and a sexy clutch. A swanky bracelet accentuates the outfit. It’s the ideal look for a special occasion.

Givenchy Women's Sleeveless Tuxedo Jacket

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Maxi Skirt With Classy Jacket
Apart from the tuxedo look, classy jackets work well for evenings. Printed top, maxi skirt and the classy jacket make the outfit elegant. It is a multipurpose look.

Mango Tailored Blazer in Red

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Celebrities Wearing Fall Maxi Skirts

Flowy maxi skirts or pleated maxi skirt, keep the tops fitted. Balance is the answer:

  • Try an oxford tucked in shirt with your maxi skirt.
  • If your maxi skirt has a dramatic slit, you can go in for a backless top making an attention grabbing statement.
  • A plunging neckline teamed with a simple maxi skirt will keep the heads turning.
  • Earthier textured geometric patterned t shirt with the maxi skirt gives a slight hippie look.
  • Tribal and animal printed tees with the skirt send a raw and appealing look.

Fall Maxi Skirt Outfit Idea

Just mix and match your maxi skirt with stylish, flowing, printed tees and shirts; thin cardigans; jackets and stylish shoes and get the compliments rolling!

This post is shared by Jason Phillips. He is a dress designer and running his own boutiques with unique collection of colorblock maxi dresses and accessories. Apart from that, he also loves to cook food.