Top Pick: Helmut Lang HELMUT Asymmetrical Jacket

Monday, December 10, 2012

Helmut Lang HELMUT Asymmetrical Jacket
My new love affair with Helmut Lang’s lower-priced capsule collection rolls on with this new find. The Helmut Lang HELMUT Asymmetrical Jacket has that unmistakable downtown edge combined with modern minimalism that is the calling card of the main label, but is priced roughly what a tee shirt from that same main line would cost.

This chic little jacket is pretty much fully asymmetrical. The hem doesn’t have a straight line anywhere, and the zip front leans more than a little to the side. But, that’s the beauty of it. The oversized collar adds an extra dose of drama to the lightweight cotton/ polyester construction.

For a very Helmut Lang look, pair this jacket with a long-hem tee shirt, skinny jeans, and booties. A pencil skirt, basic tee, and pumps would let the jacket take center stage, while simultaneously toning down the funky cut of the jacket.

While I’m totally smitten with this black jacket – go figure, my closet is at least 70% black—it’s also available in a very attractive putty color. I’m fairly sure I’d spill something permanent, like tea or ketchup, on the putty color the first time I wore it. So, I’ll be sticking to black. But for those of you who, unlike me, possess more grace than a three-year-old, the putty color is a great option.

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