The Top 5 Holiday Nail Color Trends

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

--Guest Post By Ken Myers

There’s a chill in the air, Christmas music is being played and lots of parties to attend. Before you head to your next event, check out these fun and trendy holiday colors.

Essie is a top nail polish brand specifically designed for natural nails and not acrylic (unlike OPI), each bottle runs around 8 dollars. Whether you like the bright and shiny or the deep and dark, there is a color just right for you:

1. Silver
You don’t have to wait until the ball drops to wear a fun and shimmering silver on your nails. This holiday season welcomes metallic nails with open hands. Check out Essie: ‘Beyond Cozy’ and ‘No Place Like Chrome’.

Essie Nail Polish in Beyond Cozy

→ Buy the Essie Nail Polish in Beyond Cozy, $8.00, at

2. Rose Gold
That bronzing, peachy and gold-y look is sexy and sleek on any hand. This color is perfect for your daily wear and perhaps to match your gold shimmery New Year’s Eve dress. Check out Essie: ‘Penny Talk’ and ‘Sequin Sash’.

Essie Nail Polish in Penny Talk

→ Buy the Essie Nail Polish in Penny Talk, $8.00, at

3. Dark teal
Consider that deep green, teal to be the new Christmas green. Slather this color during the holiday office parities for a change of pace and fun. Essie: Check out ‘Dive Bar’ and ‘Trophy Wife

Essie Nail Polish in Dive Bar

→ Buy the Essie Nail Polish in Dive Bar, $8.00, at

4. Deep red
Essie makes a color that you can’t resist, it the deepest and darkest of reds that only the bold can pull off. These reds are a show stopper and great for those late night holiday hang outs. Check out Essie: ‘Devil’s Advocate’ and ‘Poor lil’ Rich Girl’.

Essie Nail Polish in Devil's Advocate

→ Buy the Essie Nail Polish in Devil's Advocate, $8.00, at

5. Gray
Who doesn’t love gray? And we’re not talking about the ‘50 Shades’ kind. Gray is a wonderful neutral that goes with anything this winter. Check out Essie: ‘Chinchilly’ and ‘Cocktail Bling’

Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly

→ Buy the Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly, $8.00, at

So pick a color, any color and have fun with it! Give yourself an at home manicure and paint them a color that best defines you. Happy holidays!

Ken Myers is the editor in chief and a frequent contributor to where he helps in acquiring knowledge on the duties & responsibilities of nannies to society. You can reach him at