Why Some People Shouldn’t be Allowed to Dress Themselves

Monday, December 17, 2012

--Guest Post By Kelly Davis

For some people, clothes are just clothes. They need to wear them because they are cold and/or because they can’t be naked. But, ever since Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves together and formed their own line of couture, clothes were no longer just clothes. They were now fashion.

Anyone who doesn’t understand or can appreciate the difference between clothes and fashion is someone who would stare at a Picasso and wonder what all the fuss is about.

For whatever reason, there are people who exit the house in something that looks like they were dressed by Picasso’s Weeping Woman. Men wearing dress shoes without socks? Who said this was ok? While there can be shades of grey when it comes to committing fashion crimes, there is also definitely white and black, which is ironic because you can never go wrong with black. Go to WalMart at any hour of any day of the year and you may want to have your eyes gouged out.

Can’t someone arm themself with some Bebe dresses and some Van Heusen shirts and stage a fashtervention?

There are some people who say that clothes maketh the man, but that is as concrete as blue and green should never be seen without a color in between.

The problem that many people have is the disconnect they suffer between fashion and style. Like Edna Woolman Chase (Anna Wintour of her time) said: Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.

It just isn’t about the clothes, but the statement you make with them. That statement can be so complex that you end up 180 degrees from where you started. Could you imagine anyone else pulling off a Lady Gaga outfit? Go as far as you can possibly imagine and then a little bit more and you are at the extreme place where she has taken fashion. Whether it is full body outfits or dead meat, clothes are purely the conduit to allow her to make the statement she is making. What that statement is? There is a team working around the clock still trying to work that one out.

The clothes we wear are a reflection of what we think about ourselves. It is the person we are showcasing to the world. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on therapy, just look in the mirror and then use your new found wealth to buy some more threads.

Realize though, that just because you wear an outfit that someone wore down the red-carpet doesn’t mean it will have the same affect. That is like thinking that just because you have the same golf-clubs as Tiger Woods you will play golf like him.

To their credit, a lot of women get that. They appreciate they may not have the face and/or body of a celebrity. Hence the affinity to shoes and why shoes will always be a girl’s best friend.

Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis likes to write about fashion. She believes people should require a licence to wear jeggings.