How To Rock Rita Ora’s Style

Monday, March 25, 2013

--Guest Post By Pearl and Butler

Since signing to Jay Z's prestigious Roc Nation label in 2009, Rita Ora has been creating stratosphere-sized shockwaves. And it's not just because of her awesome vocal ability and catchy tunes either.

Rita's style has been widely celebrated across the fashion world. She has been featured in the pages of Vogue UK and even graced the cover of The Times Style Supplement with a series of glamorous photographs by Damon Baker.

So what is it about Rita's style that fashionistas across the world have gone so crazy about? Unlike a lot of pop stars who are making headlines with their outfits, Rita doesn't use gimmicks and outrageous ensembles to make herself stand out from the crowd. Instead, she opts for a unique blend of grunge, '80s hip-hop, and '50s pin-up styles that creates an eclectic look which is undeniably cool. No wonder so many women are citing her as their top style inspiration for the summer and beyond.

Get Rita's Look
Rita cites Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé as her ultimate fashion icons and you can see their influence in her trademark red lips and platinum-blonde hair. As with any true style guru, however, she has taken their inspiration and created a look that is fresh, exciting and entirely unique.

"I think red leather is like the best thing in the world!" she told Vogue during London Fashion Week. She is often seen sporting the fabric, be it in the form of a long leather skirt, biker jacket, or a bustier top. While leather has been a rock 'n' roll prerequisite for decades, Rita wears it in a way which has never really been done by anyone else.

She'll wear a long red leather skirt in a new way - for example, with a vintage denim shirt tied at the waist, Marilyn Monroe style. When she's not wearing her Converse high tops or flat shoes, she's usually sporting a pair of towering, skyscraper-height wedges. Animal prints, chiffon and vintage collide with ruff-stuff styling which is fresh from the street.

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Mix and Match for Maximum Impact
The key to Rita's look is her mix-and-match aesthetic which takes its influences from a wide variety of eras and different looks. She is the epitome of street style and makes boys' clothes such as beanies, baggy T-shirts, and hoodies ultra feminine by wearing them with big heels and her trademark long, blonde tresses.

On the whole, her clothes are comfortable and cool yet she isn't afraid to mix it up with a fluorescent crop top or sexy hot pants when the mood takes her. No wonder so many girls want to recreate her style!

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The fact that Rihanna has recently co-opted Rita's look of blond hair, retro grunge clothes, and towering heels says a lot about how influential this latest trend is set to be. No matter how many stars try to emulate her, however, Rita's passion for clothing is going to keep her one step ahead of the game. With her unique sense of style and gorgeous voice, it's certain that Rita is going to be one to watch for a long time to come.

This guest post was written on behalf of Pearl and Butler, who have an online costume jewellery portfolio and are looking to showcase opinions on a variety of fashion related subjects.