How to Wear Spring's Lightweight Leather Trend

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

--Guest Post By Peter Smith

Leather is a highly desirable and luxurious material that looks amazing in a variety of different forms. Whether you’re wearing leather leggings, leather blazers, or leather bombers, there’s a leather look for everyone this spring.

What really seems to be hitting both the catwalk and the high street this spring are the luscious lightweight leather jackets that are perfect for the transition between spring and summer and summer to autumn.

Loving that Look – Lightweight Leather Jackets
Lightweight leather jackets are fast becoming one of the biggest trends for spring 2013 and it’s because of their amazing beauty and their vast versatility. Combine your lightweight leather jacket with a casual jeans and a tee for a stunning laid back look, or pair your leather jacket with a floral dress for rock chick chic. No matter what you pair your leather jacket with you can be sure that your outfit will look a lot cooler for it!

Let’s have a look at some of the lovely leather jackets that are making waves on the catwalk. These jackets are so cute you could wear them right through to next season, and you can be sure they’ll get all of your friends exclaiming ‘I am loving that look!’

The Devil is in the Details...
They say the Devil is in the details, and that saying certainly holds true with this gorgeous dusty taupe lightweight leather jacket from Ailey that just rocks any spring outfit.

The zips on the sleeve and the angled zip on the jacket combined with the cool collar and shoulder detailing makes this jacket a real winner. Wear this with jeans for a casual look or get this awesome little number over a dress for maximum impact.

This is a real winner, and at just under $900 you can afford to add this phenomenal leather jacket to your wardrobe. Seriously, it would be rude not to!

Joie Ailey Leather Jacket

→ Buy the Joie Ailey Leather Jacket, $898.00, at

Use a Black Leather Jacket to Jazz up A Spring Dress
Leather jackets and dresses look amazing. That’s a fashion fact! It’s that real clash of harsh angles with masculine materials and the feminine flirty nature of the ever so elegant dress that make this combo such an eye popping power outfit.

Every woman was inspired by the sexy and stylish Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil. Her on screen outfit of a strappy red dress, paired with a black leather jacket and black boots made her a hit with the ladies, and of course the men too!

If you want to impress your man then pair this beautiful black leather jacket with a simple dress and you’ll be on to a winner! (Don’t forget, the right shoes are an absolute must in order to make this combo work!)

The Gema coat is much cheaper than the above Ailey jacket, so if you want a stunning lightweight leather jacket this spring for under $500 then it has to be the Gema coat! Pair with a floral print for a daytime look or a silky satin number for a sexy and outrageous evening outfit.

Walter Baker Gema Coat

→ Buy the Walter Baker Gema Coat, $498.00, at

Get Dirty with the Albany Biker Jacket
If the Ailey is too mild in color for you and the Gema coat is too cliché and girly for your style then perhaps the Albany biker jacket is a little more you.
This stunning black leather bomber/biker jacket is extremely cutting edge for a casual jacket. It’s definitely a little number for the ladies who like to get a little dirty every now and then (while looking absolutely stunning at the same time!)

The belt detail around the hips of the jacket is sure to give you a great figure. Pair this jacket up with a pair of blue or black jeans for a simple but sexy look this spring.

All Saints Biker Jacket

→ Buy the All Saints Biker Jacket, $588.00, at

No matter what your style or tastes there is definitely a lightweight leather jacket out there for you this spring.

If you’re really struggling to find a leather jacket then perhaps you may want to consider a pair of leather pants? The latest catwalk trends have seen some really creativity with leather trousers. Gone are the days of skin tight leather trousers, instead we’re seeing a rise in lose baggy cuts that are incredibly stylish and bang on trend.

Being trendy is the passion of Peter Smith, the writer of this article. He keeps his wardrobe up to date and his wife’s too. Peter gifted a collection of latest leather tops to his wife at this Valentine.