Got a Beach Mop? Here's How To Care for Your Hair this Summer

Monday, June 17, 2013

--Guest Post By Kristen Cruz

Summer is finally around the corner and with it comes relaxing afternoons sipping lemonade on the porch and fun in the sun on the beach and the best summer beauty trends. Unfortunately, with all the fun and sun-kissed skin come the woes of summer hair.

Care for Hair This Summer - Girl on the Beach

Frizzy hair can come as a result of humidity. It can be particularly troublesome if continually shredding unprotected hair cuticles this summer. Time to educate yourself on ways to avoid the long-term hair damage that results from exposure to sun and salt water. The good news is, there are ways to tame that ball of frizz healthily and naturally.

Hats: Protection for Processed Hair

Every time you head for the beach, you arrive armed with plenty of sunscreen. When it comes to hair, those strands are just as susceptible to damage from the sun as your skin. The difference is you can notice pretty quickly when your skin is starting to get too red and respond in kind by applying more sunscreen. And if you're at the beach, chances are you're not spending time thinking about how the UV exposure can cause photo-oxidation, reducing strength and elasticity of each strand. Even au natural locks can fade, dry out and become dull and brittle.

And if your hair is colored, permed or relaxed, you are doubly susceptible to damage from the sun. Your best bet is to arrive at the beach already prepared to keep your hair protected. Put your hair in a low chignon or fishtail braid and top it off with a stylish hat scarf.

Leave-In Conditioner

You might not be willing to wear a hat during the entirety of your visit to the beach. This is certainly understandable, especially if you were planning on spending a fair amount of time frolicking in the waves. But you still need hair protection during your time on the shore, which is why you'll need to take an alternative approach.

One method that has proven reasonably effective involves applying generous amounts of leave-in UV-filtered conditioner before heading out for a day at the beach. As with your typical sunscreen product, this type of leave-in conditioner is designed to protect against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, while protecting, hydrating and replenishing the hair.

Frederic Fekkai has a summer line that includes five sun-safe formulas containing Solarshield technology, humectants and sunflower and moringa seed extracts to protect against environmental stressors, pollutants and UV damage, as recommended by

Wash Your Hair

If you expose your hair to salt water, take a shower the first opportunity you get. The sun is already damaging enough, but add salt water and you have the perfect recipe for getting any and all moisture sucked from your hair. If the beach you're visiting has an on-site shower, take advantage of it and rinse off before your leave for the day (put in some leave-in conditioner and comb with a wide-tooth comb to seal the cuticles). If the beach doesn't have accessibility, shower right when you get home.

If you find that your hair has dried out considerably as a result of the sun and salt water, try using a natural moisturizing conditioner like Aveda Dry Remedy to quench the thirst of the most brittle of hair. If you're not in the market for new conditioner, slather on what you have, wrap in a warm, damp towel and do something for 20 minutes (perhaps an episode of "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" on Bravo available at for some hair style tips) and then rinse. You'll simultaneously retain and restore moisture to dry and damaged hair.

A day at the beach does not have to be a death sentence to your beautiful hair. Take a few precautions before soaking up the sun and you'll find that your 'do still looks as lovely as ever.

This guest post was written by Kristen Cruz. A former back-up dancer for a few notable pop stars, Kristen still keeps up with the latest in gossip and celebrity news. She lives and writes in L.A.