Review: Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray Makes Facial Hydration Easy

Thursday, June 06, 2013

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray
For those of you who travel for work, or like to refresh your skin by maintaining moisture, you may definitely be interested in the Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray.

The easiest comparison to this spray would be the Evian Mineral Water Spray. These types of sprays insure your skin stays refreshed through travels, a hike, or ordinary daily activities. But, there are two main differences between these products. First, the Cenoire atomizer spray is reusable, where the Evian is a one-time spray. Second, the Cenoire is a hardy gadget that requires only 4 AAA batteries and comes with an extra water refill bottle, while the Evian spray is a standard disposable spray bottle.

The Cenoire Novo Atomizer spray provides skin with deep moisture “by atomizing water molecules and spraying gentle mist that could effectively penetrate into basal skin.” You can use it as a quick spray when you need a little refresher or you can select the auto shut off function that provides moisture for up to 4 minutes.

Aside from the benefits to your skin, I love the Novo’s sleek look, which makes it more desirable and easy to carry around. It’s designed very well from the actual aesthetic looks and simple easy-to-use button.

The Evian sprays are simple, revitalize skin, help set make up, but you cannot reuse them. I have used the Evian sprays – in the TSA-approved size – for international travels to combat the long exposure to recycled air in airplanes, and have found that the product is hassle-free because I don’t have to purchase batteries.

However, if you have dry skin and travel often, or work in a warm setting, then I would definitely choose the Cenoire over the Evian. The ability to reuse the Cenoire makes it more environmentally friendly and the more economic choice in the long run.

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Kim Moshtaghi
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