Battle of the Hair Combs: Which is Best for You?

Monday, August 05, 2013

--Guest Post By Fajar

Women with long hair are no strangers to hair breakage. Our hair is one of our most important assets and nothing pains us more to see it breaking at the hands of a wrong comb!

Throughout our lives we try numerous combs in hopes of finding the one that doesn’t pull our hair out unnecessarily. Choosing the best comb for your hair is indeed a very tricky job, though all of us at some point of our lives find it. The key is to look for a comb not based on its price but based on the width of its teeth, the material in use, and the life of that comb.

A large variety of combs are available in the market these days but which one to choose? Well, worry not for the ultimate battle of the combs is here! The three most popular combs battle it out for the spot of the best comb for frizz free, strong and shiny hair!

1. The Body Shop Detangling Comb

I used this comb for quite some time and it did what it promises. The wide teeth and organic wood of this comb are very gentle even on wet hair, and its tips are soft edged which means no more being pricked by the comb!

The comb is perfect for all hair types and leaves hair less frizzy and detangled. What’s more is that even after being run through wet hair, the comb does not absorb the water but repels in and dries pretty fast.

The Body Shop Detangling Comb is the most suitable comb for people with curly or wavy hair because the wide teeth help smooth the hair without breaking them or ruining the natural wave/curl of your hair.

The Body Shop Detangling Comb

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2. The Buffalo Horn Comb

Buffalo Horn Combs are the new rage in the market. It is believed that the horn has anti-frizz quality and is very sturdy. The natural composition of the horn allows it to be water repellant and so it is the perfect choice for people who have the habit of brushing their hair after a shower.

Though the combs might come expensive, it is a popular belief that Buffalo Horn combs are very gentle on the hair and they do not unnecessarily break or damage even the longest hair.

Light Buffalo Horn Hair Comb

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3. The Seam Free Plastic Comb

There are a lot of plastic combs available in the market, but the newest additions are the seam free combs. The teeth of these combs are hand sawn and have no seams; which usually tangle the hair and tear them.

Seamless plastic combs are not only longer lasting, but they are also mould-free which means you can wash them and disinfect them as many times as you want. It is true that these combs are cheaper than the wooden or horn combs, but they can sometimes cause unnecessary damage to dry hair. Though most of them claim to be anti static, they almost always produce static in winters. The best feature of these combs is the mould free material and their ability to completely ward off water.

hotCombs Detangling Styler Comb

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Truth of the matter is that choosing your comb boils down to your personal choice. For me it was the Body Shop’s Detangling Comb, but who knows what will suit your hair! The wise decision in this case would be to choose your dream comb through trial and error, because I believe that the best judgment is always passed by your hair.

Fajar is a student, self proclaimed chef, and ardent reader who believes in expressing feelings, experiences, and emotions through words. Fajar is currently studying environmental sciences in hopes of becoming an environmentalist who changes the world.