Vince Fall 2013: 5 Must-Have Pieces

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

If you were to take an inventory of my closet, one of the top represented labels would definitely be Vince. Their one part California-casual, one part punk silhouettes always feel fresh and effortless. I’m powerless to the lure of each new season’s looks.

The Vince Fall 2013 line recently landed at, earning its own homepage feature. It’s a well-deserved honor – the new season’s offerings are spot-on and so gorgeous. I kind of want all of it. But, I’ve narrowed my selections to the top five real must-haves…

Every fall Vince comes out with at least one really outstanding leather jacket. You know, that jacket you just want to live in all through the winter. This fall that distinction belongs to the Leather and Shearling Moto Jacket. It doesn’t get much cooler, or more luxe, than this!

Vince Leather and Shearling Moto Jacket

→ Buy the Vince Leather and Shearling Moto Jacket$1,250.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

While we’re on the topic of leather, I’ve been searching for a fabulous and thoroughly modern pair of leather pants for ages. This season Vince has a pair of glossy lambskin leather leggings that are perfect. The leggings shape looks so much more now than a pair of trouser-cut leather pants.

Vince Leather Leggings

→ Buy the Vince Leather Leggings, $1,250.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

Now that we’ve covered the real investment pieces in the new season, let’s move on to something much more practical. These slim, cropped wool trousers are high on my fall to-buy list. They’ll go to work just as easily as they’ll get dressed up for a night out, and the quality construction and materials mean that they’ll last more than a few seasons.

Vince Strapping Stretch Wool Trousers

→ Buy the Vince Strapping Stretch Wool Trousers, $265.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

A slouchy turtleneck is always at home in a fall wardrobe. This wool, silk, and cashmere blend is sure to be as soft and cozy as it is comfy. I’m picturing it with those fabulous leather leggings and a great coat for a very chilly fall day.

Vince Wool Blend Turtleneck

→ Buy the Vince Wool Blend Turtleneck, $335.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

Ok, one last pick. It’s really hard to narrow it down, but I’m going to have to go with this classic overcoat. It’s strongly menswear influenced, which will fit in just right with this fall’s big trends, but it’s not so of-the-moment that it won’t look just as great a year from now.

Vince Wool Blend Overcoat

→ Buy the Vince Wool Blend Overcoat, $675.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

So, what’s your verdict on the Vince Fall line? Did I miss a key favorite of yours? Let me know in the comments!