4 Breezy Linen Skirts for the Hottest Summer Days

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

--Guest Post By Peter Smith

Women love skirts, and that’s a proven fact. However, during the summer season not all materials are that comfortable. Linen, on the other hand, is extremely fresh and airy. Also, it’s rather affordable and the variety of models and patterns available in the online marketplace is endless.

Whether you’re looking for the sexiest mini skirt or you want to feel really comfortable in a maxi linen skirt, the web will definitely help you make a sensible decision.

Opt for quality linen

Prior to starting to invest money in linen skirts, it’s vital to think about quality. Not all products are 100% linen. The best way to do that is to check the composition of your selected clothing items. Retailers have his tendency of mixing linen with cotton materials, which is not a bad thing because cotton is equally fresh and comfortable.

As far as skirts are concerned, women are at liberty to select the type, color, shape and model that best compliments their body and personal style. Let us have closer look at some of the most stylish and fashionable linen skirts available for purchase in online stores.

Show off your toned legs

This dazzling short linen skirt will make you feel sexy and extremely comfortable in hot weather. Because it’s so simple, you can easily mix it with colorful blouses, shirts, tops, statement accessories, high-heels and trendy bags. Don’t forget your sunglasses, and you’re all set for the summer.

After working at the gym for months to have toned legs now it’s the perfect time to show them off to the world. This summer season it’s all about short linen skirts, so make a sensible investment and get ready to look dashing. If white is not your color, you can easily go for blue navy or green to spice up your style and make an impression.

Gap Linen Utility Skirt

→ Buy the Gap Linen Utility Skirt, $15.99 (was $54.95), at gap.com.

Be proud of your slim figure

Whether you’re getting ready for an office meeting with the boss, or you just want to go out with friend, a black pencil skirt made of linen will accentuate your slim figure.

A perfectly-tailored fit will make every women shine. The skirt’s high waistline will lengthen your body and it will make it look statuesque. For a more casual look, compliment your skirt with a cute top and a pair of heels.

The secret of a woman’s outfit lies in her attitude, so don’t be afraid to feel sexy. The linen blend of the skirt will allow you to move, so if you’re up for some dancing, that’s not going to be a problem.

ASOS Linen Pencil Skirt with belt

→ Buy the ASOS Linen Pencil Skirt with belt, $37.33, at asos.com.

Try a floral linen skirt for your summer retreat

Are you getting ready for a summer holiday with your loved one? Then your wardrobe should definitely include this beautiful 1/3 floral linen skirt. Enjoy the romantic feel of this garment and wear it with flats on the beach. It will surely turn some heads.

The beautifully crafted shape of this skirt will compliment any type of body, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll show off too much skin. The bold floral print works perfectly with a white top and a summer hat. Feel like the happiest woman in the world and experience supreme confidence wearing this flattering linen skirt.

East Floral Linen Skirt

→ Buy the East Floral Linen Skirt in Cobalt, £69.00, at johnlewis.com.

Opt for pure orange for a flirty look

This beautiful pure orange linen skirt has a cotton blend that makes it extremely soft and flirty for every woman who wants to feel sexy. Topped with a cream blouse it will really highlight your waist, and for a complete look include a pair of high-heel summer sandals.

Create an outfit that makes you confident and comfortable. The skirt will hide small imperfections of the body, so it’s an excellent choice for women who are not afraid to show off a curvy figure.

This summer season it’s all about flirty linen skirts. Perfect for day and night, the fresh fabric will allow your skin to breathe so that you can dance all night long.

Esprit Pure Orange Linen Cotton Skirt

→ Buy the Esprit Pure Orange Linen Cotton Skirt, £14.99 (was £45.00), at esprit.co.uk.

Peter Smith is fascinated with fashion designing and is always finding new ways of adding a touch of beauty and glamour to his wife. He is working with a site volgalinen.co.uk that sells an exquisite collection of pure linen from Europe and Russia.