Loving This Week: Summer City Travel Essentials

Monday, May 11, 2015

Longchamp Tote - Travel Sonic Toothbrush - F1 Quart Bag - New York Times Travel Book - New Balance Sneakers - Birkenstock Sandals

For the past couple weeks I’ve been planning a mid-summer trip to NYC to visit the Van Goghs. And, of course, trip planning means it’s time to take stock of the travel necessities that seem to be missing from my wardrobe and toiletry kit. I’ve been tracking down perfect travel essentials, and I ran across a handy helper for planning future adventures in the process.

Here’s what’s taking up space in my online shopping cart this week…

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Tote, $180.00
Over the weekend I introduced my mom to the wonder that is Longchamp nylon. When you need a lightweight bag, but still want something classy and upscale, Longchamp is the way to go. The whole episode got me thinking, I really would love a Longchamp tote for travel. It would be a welcome replacement for the super heavy, and super hard to clean, leather tote I’ve been using for years.

2. Slim Sonic Toothbrush, $16.00
About a year ago I got addicted to an electric toothbrush. If you are an electric user, you know what I mean. Now using a manual toothbrush makes my teeth feel, well, unclean. Sadly, my ultra-deluxe Oral-B setup is not travel friendly. But, this sleek travel sonic toothbrush is!

3. F1 X-ray Quart Bag, $14.00
Not that I don’t love my trusty Ziplock bag… but, this snazzy transparent bag for carrying liquids through security is so much more fun.

4. The New York Times 36 Hours USA & Canada, $32.43 (was $39.99)
I’m a big fan of the 36-hour trip. I much prefer taking several short trips throughout the year to a single multi-week vacation. I’ve mastered NYC, Chicago, and New Orleans – my three favorite U.S. destinations. This book looks like the perfect way to expand my repertoire – it details 36-hour trips to 150 North American destinations.

5. New Balance Grey 696 Sneaker, $194.99
Wearing sneakers in public is not something that fits well with my personal aesthetic. Aside from a pair of grey Bensimon sneaks I bust out for Disneyland, my travel shoe selection is limited to simple black ballet flats for summer and knee-high leather boots for winter. But, I’m starting to think a pair of street-style sneakers, like these new high-end New Balance 696’s, might work out just right.

6. Birkenstock Arizona Mono Sandal, $100.00
Continuing on with my quest to expand my travel shoe wardrobe, these new black-on-black Birkenstocks are amazingly sophisticated looking for a comfort shoe. I predict they’ll be enjoying the Van Goghs with me this summer.