The White Skirt You Never Knew You Needed

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

COS Wide-Elastic Cotton Skirt in White

I’ve never given much thought to adding a white skirt to my wardrobe, have you? I mean, it sounds kind of high maintenance. Uncomfortable. Hard to wear. Then I found this skirt over at favorite affordable store, COS. It solves all the big problems that come with putting a white skirt in rotation.

It’s machine washable, so you won’t spend and arm and a leg keeping it clean. It’s made from soft 100% cotton with a wide elastic waist and side slit, so it’s breathable and comfortable. And it has a built-in shorter lining hiding inside, so no worries about it being inappropriately transparent for real-life wear. And yet, it manages to look amazing. All minimalist and cool. I want to wear it with black Birks and a grey T by Alexander Wang tank. Can you picture it? It’s the white skirt you never knew you needed, but now can’t imagine doing summer without.

And it has pockets. ❤️

→ Buy the COS Wide-Elastic Cotton Skirt in White, $99.00, at