Closed-Toe Sandals for When Your Pedi Isn’t Perfect

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Real world dilemma time. The weather, occasion, and ensemble of choice all scream “sandals.” But, your pedicure, or lack thereof, looks like you’ve been trekking barefoot through a Costa Rican jungle for three weeks. What do you do?

Enter the elusive closed-toe sandal. This wonderous hybrid shoe offers coverage for those parts of your foot most likely to look hideous if you’ve been slacking on your pedicure upkeep, but still feels light, airy, and summer-like. It can pair with a sundress without weighing down the look and make jeans vibe more warm weather appropriate.

The most common category of closed-toe sandal is the espadrille. Espadrille sandals come in a few varieties, but I’m partial to the mary jane style. It keeps both the heel and toe under wraps and it has that secure buckle closure. A close second would be the ankle-wrap style. It’s perfect for walking around in the grass.

Toni Pons Lloret-5 Espadrille Wedge Sandal in Navy Blue Suede

→ Buy the Toni Pons Lloret-5 Espadrille Wedge Sandal, $128.95, at; shipping and returns are free.

A close visual cousin is the leather mary jane. This option can come off a little too fall fashion if you opt for a regular heel. The contrasting white platform on this Fly London version keeps it casual.

Fly London Yand709Fly Closed-Toe Sandal

→ Buy the Fly London Yand709Fly Closed-Toe Sandal, $139.99 (was $175.00), at; shipping and returns are free.

Clogs, like hairless cats, fall squarely in the “so ugly it’s cute” category. They get bonus points for being some of the most comfortable shoes on the plant, while still offering extra inches of height. Swedish Hasbeens is the undisputed queen of the high-fashion clog, and this beige color will give a leg-lengthening effect to paler skin tones.

Swedish Hasbeens Covered Low Clog in Nature

→ Buy the Swedish Hasbeens Covered Low Clog, $159.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

While we’re on the topic of ugly-chic shoes, how about these L'Artiste by Spring Step sandals? The perforated leather adds to the lightweight summer feeling, and they come in five color options.

L'Artiste by Spring Step Lizzie Sandal in Red

→ By the L'Artiste by Spring Step Lizzie Sandal, $99.99, at; shipping and returns are free.

A little further afield from what we’d traditionally call a sandal, these Bueno flats still manage to pull off a lightweight look in a closed-toe style.

Bueno Keep Slingback Flats in Light Grey Leather

→ Buy the Bueno Keep Slingback Flats, $98.99, at; shipping and returns are free.

Finally, no list of covered up sandal options would be complete without a Camper option. Their famously odd shapes disguise truly comfy shoes that have been a favorite of travelers for years. These flat black perforated sandals are just what you need for that summer European vacation.

Camper TWS - K200672 Sandal in Black

→ Buy the Camper TWS - K200672 Sandal, $104.99 (was $150.00), at; shipping and returns are free.

More Closed-Toe Sandal Options: