AmLactin Lotion Might Be the Cure for Dry Skin

Friday, July 28, 2006

AmLactin Moisturizing Lotion
I know, cure is a strong word. It implies some sort of permanent solution, which doesn't usually happen with moisturizers. Even the best body lotions will only keep you soft and supple for 12 hours or so. However, cure is the perfect word to describe what this lotion does to dry skin.

AmLactin may not have a fancy bottle, and certainly doesn't take out full-page ads in your favorite fashion magazine, but it is generally considered to be one of the best moisturizing lotions on the market. It was named an InStyle Magazine "Best Beauty Buy" and is recommended by dermatologists everywhere to help treat chronically dry skin, as well as the skin condition Keratosis Pilaris (sometimes referred to as "chicken bumps").

What makes it so special? The scientific reason is that it contains "a special formulation of 12% lactic acid neutralized with ammonium hydroxide" which creates a super exfoliant that goes to war against your dry skin. I don't know enough about chemistry to comment on that proposition, but I do know that this un-fancy lotion must be the best kept secret of the beauty business. After one application your skin is softer... after a week, your skin is transformed.

Don't just take my word for it. By clicking on the photo you can read user reviews of AmLactin, as well as purchase this amazing lotion online.

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