ONLINE DEAL: Mia Gwen Wedge Espadrille

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mia Gwen Wedge Espadrille
When it comes to shoes, I tend to be a bit promiscuous. It's not that I don't want to by loyal to one favorite pair, I just find it impossible. I make a new purchase and it's that pair that leaps into my arms when I open the closet door... until the next new pair comes along. This all changed last summer when I purchased a pair of white Gwen wedge espadrilles by Mia at Nordstrom.

I absolutely adore these shoes. They are trendy, but not over the top, and add 4 full inches to your height. The wedge/platform combination ensures that they are incredibly easy to wear, despite the 4" wedge, and the footbed is nicely padded. Don't let their look fool you, they are super lightweight; I could practically run a marathon in these shoes! As an added bonus, they hold up really well. I have had mine since last summer and they still look fabulous.

I paid over $60 for mine, but you can have a pair for only $29.70-- that's a savings of over 50%! Click on the photo to purchase these great shoes at a great price from