FOUND: Super Sexy Tees

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am in a never ending search for the perfect t-shirt. I try every brand, at every price, I run across. Yes, I am one of those crazy people who actually owns a $60 t-shirt. But I also have tees from discount stores that I love just as much. I can't be humble on this subject: I am the t-shirt master. I have found tees that work for work and tees that are perfect for play. You have a tee-need? I have your tee-solution. So, trust me when I say American Apparel makes the sexiest tees on the market.

American Apparel tees are cut to fit a woman's body. There is nothing boxy or constricting about these tees. They hug every curve without being vulgar or exposing too much skin.Without fail, every time I put on my favorite 3/4 sleeve American Apparel tee my boyfriend tells me how amazing it looks. American Apparel tees are super soft and stay that way after machine washing.

The regular crew neck tee adds spice to a workweek suit and the spaghetti strap tank is worthy of a night out on the town. Just when they sound too good to be true, here comes the best part. They are insanely affordable. Just check out these prices. American Apparel tees are a basic that no closet should be without.